INVECH Cryptocurrency Exchange that is supported by the government

About Invech

Invech Cryptocurrency Exchange is a cryptocurrency substitute spearheaded via way of Invech Group. We have our own platform tokens referred to as Invech Coins or IV which runs on the ERC20 platform. Licensed and endorsed instantly from the Timor Leste Government, our license covers the entire blockchain and cryptocurrency framework, adding cryptocurrency exchanges, ICOs, mining farms, blockchain answers and etc. It can also be the primary blockchain /cryptocurrency carrier coming out of Timor Leste.

The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, or East Timor in English, is the 1st New Sovereign State of the 21st century. It is observed in Southeast Asia, with a population of around 1.3 million. Sharing borders with Indonesia, the sovereign state incorporates the eastern half of the island of Timor and a few different local islands. The nation restored its sovereignty in 2002 after the Indonesian occupation. Timor Leste’s decades-long independence fight towards Indonesia impaired a lot of its financial infrastructure, chopping it to Asia’s poorest country.

Today, they're nonetheless rebuilding and rectifying the pre independence adversity. And Invech hopes to be the channel for the of us of Timor Leste to increase and rework the financial system status. Thus, creating a sustainable economy, and on the identical time a tech-savvy and advance, blockchain nation.


We will take a holistic method of managing our cryptocurrency exchanges. As such, it adds a safe, secure, multilingual and user-friendly environment for all customers internationally.

Exchange Feature
  1. Provide proper orders among patrons and dealers with the greatest costs available
  2. Supports many foreign money wallets, permitting centralized and simple implementation of a couple of other one's cryptocurrency. All cryptocurrency may be automatically secured by way of multi-signature chilly garage that allows security and evades outside access.
  3. An entire order guide that adds the liquidity had to all of a sudden purchase and promote virtual currencies with tight spreads.
  4. All cryptocurrency money may be managed automatically by our integrated pockets software. All money are included cryptocurrency and fiat (which may be utilized accordingly)
  5. We will aid but will now not be restricted to English, Chinese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Japanese and Korean to all our user's interface. (The earliest releases will simply be in English, Chinese, and Indonesian, Portuguese.) More languages added over time.
  6. Invech will even enforce the setup and withdrawal of FIAT - Crypto within the close to future. We goal for USD, HKD and IDR.

Token Information IV

Token IV is the primary token utilized by way of Invech on all of its projects. For starters, this might be used as a platform token for the Invech Crypto Currency Exchange, and will later be used on all 9 companies licensed by way of Invech. 500,000,000 IV token sets had been made at the ERC20 platform, and the quantity will by way of no means boom or decrease.
How is this used?
IV Tokens might be utilized in substitute for paying transaction charges or outdoor exchanges the place IV is a technique of cost it truly is identified pretty in Timor Leste.


175,000,000 IV will be open to the public
The IEO will run for 60 days starting from November 1, 2018.
Phase 1–30 days: 75,000,000 IV @ 20% discount. Locked for 6 months
Phase 2–30 days: 100,000,000 IV @ 10% discount. Locked for 9 months
IV tokens that are not sold at the IEO will be given to Timor Leste Invech Foundation with a 3-year vesting period.
Soft Cap: 75,000,000 IV Tokens (USD 24,000,000)
Hard Cap: 175,000,000 IV Tokens (USD 60,000,000)
Pricing at IEO Phase 1: US $ 0.32 (after 20% discount)
Phase 2: US $ 0.36 (after 10% discount)

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