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What is Loteo?

A Digital Automated Lottery Platform that used blockchain and clever contracts to create an absolutely obvious lottery, the place your probabilities are incomparably upper in contrast to the conventional lottery.

Play loteo is an automatic virtual lottery that's achieved by means of code as an alternative for being run by the method of people. The lottery will, first on a weekly, and afterward, everyday basis, draw a random Ethereum tackle from a pool of users. The draw could be founded mostly on a random vary era system that may have a publically-viewable code on GitHub and in addition on Ethereum Network. The winner shall achieve 75% of the prize pool as a reward, which could be despatched to their Ethereum address.

Not in simple terms will Playloteo make this format of playing handy to extra people than ever, but it's going to additionally tackle the difficulty of getting religion because it's going to be finished via a clever contract, the code of which could be publically-viewable on GitHub and in addition on Ethereum Network. Through a mix of global reach, transparency, and automation, LOTEO aims to grow to be the corporation generic within the growing market for virtual lotteries.

The Loteo solution

Unlike ordinary lotteries wherein you bet towards an unknown amount of drawn numbers, in LOTEO you simply bet towards different sold tickets, a volume it is a amount of thousand occasions littler than the volume of power successful mixes in fundamental lotteries. Because of the blockchain, the gadget is obvious and also you possibly can song all transaction. You get a chance to win every one time the lottery occurs as you're simply betting towards a genuine amount of members and there may be the winner by everyone drawing.

By being represented by wise contracts rather of governments or personal people, the drawing formulation lands up automated. There are a lot of points with recent blockchain-based virtual betting platforms. They are normally excessively confused, fit uniquely for crypto enthusiasts, providing an unsophisticated format it is neither alluring nor simple to understand. The worldwide lottery market is valued at around 8 Billion USD. The goal is to convey a lottery platform that gives the greatest shopper experience, to which the concentrated on shopper is applied to, greater with the innovation of blockchain. LOTEO expects to get 0.1% out of this market in 1 yr time span. This could be executed by means of an advertising gadget that consists of international and native ambassadors from the crypto trade simply as from world-well recognized athletes.

How does the Lottery work with Loteo

Users input the lottery by buying particular person tickets for the weekly LOTEO lottery utilizing the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Each tackle of the Ethereum pockets that bought the registration is registered, therefore, as a player within the weekly lottery. Later, LOTEO will upload a day by day lottery regulated by the identical rules. The LOTEO weekly lottery can be carried out by means of a wise contract which will use a certified random quantity generator (RNG). After choosing the winner of the lottery, a wise contract will automatically ship the prize to the proper Ethereum. All the code can be publicly visual on GitHub and on Etherscan.

Advantages LOTEO

  • Chances to Win: Chances to win are a lot upper than in popular lotteries as a consequence of our mechanism.
  • Trustworthy: By being ruled through a way of clever contracts highly than governments or personal individuals, the drawing task turns into automated and trustless.
  • Transparency: Thanks to blockchain technology and utilizing cryptocurrencies for lottery entry, LOTEO is 100 percent obvious and all transaction as nicely as prize splits may be seen in any respect times, as an alternative of ordinary lotteries, the place you don’t understand the quantity of attendees, prize amount, nor even when its reasonable nor manipulated, as there may be central authority.
  • The winner each drawing: Unlike in vintage lottery, the place you ought to tip proper mixture of numbers and the winner is once/year.
  • Biggest slice for the winner: LOTEO feels a solid ought to supply the greatest consumer experience, that our customer, especially non-crypto familiar, are used to, that’s why there will likely be an integration of credits score card bills as nicely as cell message payments.
  • Speed: Thanks to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency usage, Loteo is incomparably sooner than ordinary lotteries.

Security Token

LOTES is a safety token that's intended to be bought in simple terms in personal funding spherical (the STO) to authorized contributors from mission capital funds. There won't be a public sale. This token offers homeowners a chance to profit from being an edge of a lottery with out being attendees in quantity 20% of every prize whole value.
The LOTES are locked for 15 months and throughout this time it's now not probably to purchase or promote them anyplace else. After the first 15 months pass, there may be one other spherical of the personal sale throughout which LOTEO will unlock 30% of all tokens and these may be bought to authorized contributors or VC in a personal deal. After promoting these tokens, the token may be indexed on exchanges that oer safety tokens trading.
After 15 months, 20% of all safety tokens may be owned by way of the lottery whereas 80% may be decentralized, fighting the lottery from being manipulated. The token also has a governing function, meaning any significant switch must be accomplished by way of consensus and any token holders can difficulty a concept or voting.


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