NESTREE Advanced, Reward-based Community Messenger

What is Nestree?

Nestree is an integrated messenger software with a blockchain that may give items to each user. In addition, Nestree is also a crypto asset pocket similar to BTC, ETH, DAI, EGG, and lots of others. This manufacturer has the tackle on the 16 collyer quay # 17-00 sales positioned in Singapore. So you all do not hesitate with the reality of the Nestree Platform. By using the sophistication of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, the Nestree Platform creates a brand new machine that may offer good, interactive and tremendous provides among Users, Admins, and Advertisers. Nestree Messenger provider contains 4 most important menus, Discover, Channel, Chat, and Wallet. Various interactive groups might be discovered underneath the Channels menu within the Nestree Application. This is exceptional from the Chat menu, the place customers dialogue with folks they already understand in personal chat rooms.

Discover: Discover permits Nestree customers to discover all recently lively channels. The channel record is displayed at the display for quick access. This is probably essentially the foremost very vital menu for customers to discover new communities.

Channel: Channel or channel on Nestree is an interactive platform for the workforce chat community. Various positive factors that enable, turn on and monetize the network are accessible to admin and network users.

Chat: Chat or Chat purposes the identical as the customary messenger. Users bounce one-on-one or workforce conversations with pals or with new contacts.

Wallet: Nestree Messenger pockets or pockets also provide decentralized virtual foreign money pockets that stay secure and covered from probably essentially the foremost very vital failure point.

 Benefits of the Nestree Platform

  1. With this application, which has a machine designed for customers to win prizes, customers can win prizes in return for the folks they name to channels and chat rooms. It is rewarded to an enormous volume by the quantity of tokens to be located by the channel owner. The sensible contract is recognized by way of the invitation code of the consumer straight sending the invitation and this token is paid to the invitation holder once the consumer enters the channel.
  2. In many messaging applications, a few customers are extra active, whereas others don't use channels much. These energetic customers ought to be rewarded. In the Nestree system, customers are rewarded for his or her stocks and extra green channels are created.
  3. In the Nestree system, which has a reasonable system, the channels are sorted according to sure conditions. The quantity of channels permitted customers is proven to different customers according to the channel activity. This permits extra customers and energetic channel house proprietors to be rewarded.
  4. In the Nestree system, channel house proprietors can get hold of advertisements on their channels. Channel owners, who get hold of advertising charges as egg token, can divide these winnings amongst their members, creating an extra sustainable system.
Nestree Token

EGG might be utilized by using way of NESTREE platform to present its customers for promotions, ads and content material advent within the platform. Details of the Token Below

Token Symbol
Allocated to Token Sale
Token Type
Allocated to Ecosystem
Token Price
Allocated to Business Development
Total Supply
Allocated to Marketing

Allocated to Team and Founder

Allocated to Reserve

Allocated to Legal and Compliance

Allocated to Advisors

How to Use Nestree Wallet

The NESTREE app also makes it simple to shop your investment way to the pockets it contains. Thanks to the pockets that he places, you'll be able to commerce with pals in a really convenient way, ship cash and obtain money. EGG Token was created to assist you with this. When you dialogue along with your friend, say, you wish cash otherwise you desire to purchase your friend's headset. You oughtn't to treat banks or treat other cryptocurrencies. In NESTREE, you click on in your friend's username and you'll be able to unquestionably ship the quantity you desire to send. Actually viewed a brilliant property. With the Nestree wallet, you'll be able to ship token, ethereum, EGG, DAI, abstract.

One of the greatest benefits of the app is that it protects your information within the glossy world, the place governments or exclusive corporations can unquestionably retrieve your private data. This is the foremost motive to create a blockchain founded mostly application.

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EGG wallet Addres : 0x4857574eBb1A180b46f67eC05F41cbe1a9D43281

MinedBlock Take Centre Stage as their Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Goes Live on The P2PB2B Exchange

In the congested and somewhat complex arena of blockchain technology lays a singularly unique company, built around the fundamental foundations from which crypto is built.

MinedBlock is a Fintech Crypto payments processor who specialise in transaction processing (mining) for crypto currencies.

MinedBlock have adopted a very concise and progressive mission statement from the offset and aim to capitalise on this through the execution of their Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).
“Our vision is to become a major player in the cryptocurrency arena and for MinedBlock to own a significant part of the infrastructure required to process transactions and mint new crypto assets. This will enable our investors to reap a significant return on investment while we employ an aggressive growth strategy to position ourselves as the ‘Amazon’ of the crypto mining industry”
The firm, who pride themselves in operating with 100% transparency have just gone live (22 July) with their IEO through the P2PB2B exchange. With a current daily trading volume of over $100,000,000 the exchange is ranked in the world’s top 50 by Coinmarketcap. P2PB2B is described by Cryptocompare as ‘the world's fastest-growing technological exchange that provides unique conditions for investors and traders. OWASP Top 10 protection, fast KYC and instant Online Support make the platform extremely attractive to users.’

The addition of MinedBlock to p2pb2b’s IEO is a strong move for the company and enhances their dual token offering in which individuals have the choice of purchasing MBTU tokens, these tokens will be the only way to pay for our private mining services. It can also be used to purchase their ST20 token MBTX.

Once MBTU is received as payment, MinedBlock will burn 10% of each transaction, 50% will be sold at market rate, equally, across all listed exchanges to ensure ongoing availability. The other 40% will be retained and distributed as rewards for long term customers.

The company’s IEO has been split into 2 distinct stages, providing potential investors a brief window of opportunity to take advantage of MBTU’s dwindling supply:

Stage 1:

  • 22nd July to 28th July
  • 10,000,000 MBTU Available
  • Duration 7 days
  • 25% bonus
  • $0.10 per token - $0.08 average price including bonus

Stage 2:

  • 5th August to 18th August
  • 90,000,000 MBTU available
  • Duration 14 days
  • 10% bonus
  • $0.10 per token - $0.09 average price including bonus

As the IEO token offering vessel continues to gather pace, MinedBlock are perfectly positioned to hit their funding targets. This result is likely to manifest itself not from the IEO itself but through the many unique selling points (USP’s) the company has to offer.

‘Our USP compared to the competition is that we plan to make ourselves fully immune from the market, prioritise our investors (over ourselves) and be 100% transparent in everything we say and do. Most other mining firms have focused on just ‘out of the box’ mining and not considered any form of cost reduction or alternative revenue generation such as masternodes, and this has left them unprofitable and unable to continue. Our aims go far beyond ‘just being another mining company’ we intend to dominate the space as quickly as possible. At this stage, there isn’t really any meaningful competitor in the marketplace as the mining industry is still in its infancy.’

MinedBlock have already made a name for themselves by benchmarking several 1st’s in the industry.
  • 1st mining company in the industry to be exempted by the SEC
  • 1st STO offered on the POLYMATH network
  • Highest ratings within the crypto mining industry across all the respected platforms, ICOBench, ICOmarks and Neironix 
  • 1 in only 30 Crypto projects to receive an AA INWARA Transparency certificate.
  • 1st in the industry with a dual token model creating a compliant security investment model with high returns and a true ‘Utility’ ERC20 token adding a ‘pay as you go’ element to our service
  • Voted the markets leading Mining project during Newconomy’s online conference "Market Challenge": Battle of the TOP 50 event
 The organisations innovative approach to the ‘mining’ industry coupled with a clear, forward thinking strategy has ensured that MinedBlock have created a stable and sustainable business that is able to adapt to change in a constantly evolving industry and has future development plans to create renewable energy to offset their largest expense ‘Electricity’, allowing their model increase it’s ROI’s drastically.


ROKES EXCHANGE Make your trade easier

What is Rokes Exchange?

Rokes Exchange is a purchasing and promoting a platform for shopping for and promoting virtual currencies, which may be fast, simple, dependable and safe. Rokes Exchange gives the finest charges for shopping for or promoting virtual currencies.

The manufacturer is registered and managed in accordance with Estonian law. All purchaser transactions which are posted and processed immediately with Rokes are ruled by means of way of Estonian law.

Hоw Rokes Exchange Works?

Thе Rokes Exchange іѕ а buying and selling platform wіth a number of positive aspects thаt аllоw customers tо mаkе sensible buying and selling decisions, scale back thеіr fees аnd maximize thеіr revenue frоm еасh transaction. Thе success оf еасh undertaking mоѕtlу relies upon thе team. Thе undertaking workforce consists оf a number of specialists аnd vаrіоuѕ Blockchain mavens whо hаvе trip іn thе cryptocurrency international fоr mаnу years. Thеу wіll bе аblе tо convey thе buying and selling platform tо а nеw degree аnd supply а incredibly trustworthy аnd high-speed buying and selling platform fоr traders.

Thе Rokes platform serves аѕ аn advisory platform thаt аllоwѕ investors аnd customers tо definitely search recommendation оn buying and selling аnd replace оf cryptocurrencies. Thіѕ allows tо to facilitate thе wide trip оf buying and selling іn general. In addition, customers аrоund thе international саn аftеr а whіlе bеѕt commerce аnd mentor tо оthеrѕ іn thе cryptocurrency market.

Why decide on ROKES?

  1. Highly Secured:Your information is encrypted, ensuring your safety.
  2. Rokes make shopping for crypto simple: Rokes Commons Exchange accepts any credits score or debit card from VISA or MasterCard.
  3. Top Crypto Currencies: Buy your cash from an extensive range of the world’s ideal cryptocurrencies.
  4. Personal Wallet: Upload your files today. Rokes critiques them in the hour.
  5. Reliable Platform: You can use the providers anyplace you go. Rokes Commons Exchange has you covered.
  6. Support you possibly can trust: The help brokers are right right here to reply any query you would possibly have 24/7.

Features and Benefits:
  1. High security: Your private information will at all times be encrypted, which promises very excessive reliability and security.Developers create purchasing and selling structures the place shopping for virtual currencies might be easy and easy, even for beginners.Rokes Exchange accepts credits score or debit playing cards from VISA or MasterCard.
  2. Only the greatest and topmost cryptocurrency: Buy your virtual property within essentially one of the foremost customary cryptocurrency within the world.
  3. Personal Wallet: Download your file today, and help will examine it in a single hour.
  4. Reliable platform: You can use all companies anywhere you are, and also you possibly can at all times be certain of the reliability of the purchasing and selling platform. Customer carrier which you simply possibly can trust. Support brokers are at all times prepared to reply your questions which you simply possibly can publish every time you want.
  5. Conclusion: Rokes Exchange is a purchasing and selling platform with many positive aspects that permit customers to make sensible purchasing and selling decisions, scale back their expenses and maximize their earnings from every transaction.The success of every venture relies principally at the team. The venture workforce contains many specialists and assorted Blockchain mavens who've had years of journey within the global of cryptocurrency. They might be capable to carry the purchasing and selling platform to a brand new degree and supply a really secure and high-speed purchasing and selling platform for traders.
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INVECH Cryptocurrency Exchange that is supported by the government

About Invech

Invech Cryptocurrency Exchange is a cryptocurrency substitute spearheaded via way of Invech Group. We have our own platform tokens referred to as Invech Coins or IV which runs on the ERC20 platform. Licensed and endorsed instantly from the Timor Leste Government, our license covers the entire blockchain and cryptocurrency framework, adding cryptocurrency exchanges, ICOs, mining farms, blockchain answers and etc. It can also be the primary blockchain /cryptocurrency carrier coming out of Timor Leste.

The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, or East Timor in English, is the 1st New Sovereign State of the 21st century. It is observed in Southeast Asia, with a population of around 1.3 million. Sharing borders with Indonesia, the sovereign state incorporates the eastern half of the island of Timor and a few different local islands. The nation restored its sovereignty in 2002 after the Indonesian occupation. Timor Leste’s decades-long independence fight towards Indonesia impaired a lot of its financial infrastructure, chopping it to Asia’s poorest country.

Today, they're nonetheless rebuilding and rectifying the pre independence adversity. And Invech hopes to be the channel for the of us of Timor Leste to increase and rework the financial system status. Thus, creating a sustainable economy, and on the identical time a tech-savvy and advance, blockchain nation.


We will take a holistic method of managing our cryptocurrency exchanges. As such, it adds a safe, secure, multilingual and user-friendly environment for all customers internationally.

Exchange Feature
  1. Provide proper orders among patrons and dealers with the greatest costs available
  2. Supports many foreign money wallets, permitting centralized and simple implementation of a couple of other one's cryptocurrency. All cryptocurrency may be automatically secured by way of multi-signature chilly garage that allows security and evades outside access.
  3. An entire order guide that adds the liquidity had to all of a sudden purchase and promote virtual currencies with tight spreads.
  4. All cryptocurrency money may be managed automatically by our integrated pockets software. All money are included cryptocurrency and fiat (which may be utilized accordingly)
  5. We will aid but will now not be restricted to English, Chinese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Japanese and Korean to all our user's interface. (The earliest releases will simply be in English, Chinese, and Indonesian, Portuguese.) More languages added over time.
  6. Invech will even enforce the setup and withdrawal of FIAT - Crypto within the close to future. We goal for USD, HKD and IDR.

Token Information IV

Token IV is the primary token utilized by way of Invech on all of its projects. For starters, this might be used as a platform token for the Invech Crypto Currency Exchange, and will later be used on all 9 companies licensed by way of Invech. 500,000,000 IV token sets had been made at the ERC20 platform, and the quantity will by way of no means boom or decrease.
How is this used?
IV Tokens might be utilized in substitute for paying transaction charges or outdoor exchanges the place IV is a technique of cost it truly is identified pretty in Timor Leste.


175,000,000 IV will be open to the public
The IEO will run for 60 days starting from November 1, 2018.
Phase 1–30 days: 75,000,000 IV @ 20% discount. Locked for 6 months
Phase 2–30 days: 100,000,000 IV @ 10% discount. Locked for 9 months
IV tokens that are not sold at the IEO will be given to Timor Leste Invech Foundation with a 3-year vesting period.
Soft Cap: 75,000,000 IV Tokens (USD 24,000,000)
Hard Cap: 175,000,000 IV Tokens (USD 60,000,000)
Pricing at IEO Phase 1: US $ 0.32 (after 20% discount)
Phase 2: US $ 0.36 (after 10% discount)

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Ensure your security with BLOCKSAFE

About BlockSafe

With any business experiencing growth, there will all the time be these that seem to be to get wealthy at the backs of others. The cryptocurrency business has considered a habitual topic during the previous NULL years – Theft. In 2018 by myself, we've considered literally masses of thousands and thousands of cash stolen. This doesn’t even contain unreported losses.

While we attempt for interoperability, it little question reasons a huge problem. Attaining this, and the benefit that's introduced with it, we continually introduce new gateways for breaches and undesirable gadget entries. Between mobile, cloud services, and desktop, our news if fragmented in a risky way.

Secure answers are had to preserve up with this burgeoning industry. While this would possibly be a hard task, because the technology is expanding through a way of the day, it desires to be done.

BlockSafe Technologies plans on solving the concern of theft in the industry. Although theft will all the time occur, providers such because the only being proposed through a way of BlockSafe can lower the quantity of break done.

To gain their goal, the manufacturer has plans for three important products. Crypto Defender, 

Exchange Defender, Blockchain Defender.

These are merely temporary examples of a couple of of the positive aspects bought through a way of every product. As the manufacturer develops, these products will develop into extra expansive, and proceed to adapt to the industry.

This mixture of goods gives an accomplished capacity of security for daily users. It is drastically simpler to be proactive, and steer clear of hackers from stealing funds/data than it's to be reactive. More typically than not, reactive measures show to be fruitless. By providing structures akin to these on the monitor screen through a way of BlockSafe, customers can relaxation easier, understanding that they're being proactive of their option to security.

Why opt for the BlockSafe brand to defend their interests:
  1. The brand gives an entire differ of safe practices and hackers assault issues utilizing patented and shown technology.
  2. The brand already has NULL merchandise which is in a position on the market and use, it really is Crypto Exchange Defender and Defender. The third product is beneath development. In whole the company’s merchandise has 10 patents, 6 of which had been issued and four are waiting.
  3. fixed increase in the cryptocurrency market. Experts trust this market increase from 24 million right now to 200 million in 2025.
  4. In your team, experienced veterans. Some of them have corporations within the technology industry.
  5. The company’s merchandise is licensed from StrikeForce. Technology has been operating for seventeen years within the cyber safety industry.
  6. the show noted of us, brand advisors. One of them, the former Director of Internal Security IT and founder of the Security University.
  7. BSAFE ™ Tokens are primary ERC20 safety tokens, which are in accordance with SECrules.
  8. BSAFE ™ Tokens supply passive sales of 10% of the utilization of sales in their products.
  9. The brand has an agreement to contain tokens at the noted cryptocurrency exchange.

How will they clear up it?

BlockSafe Technologies plans to repair transportation issues on this industry. Even although theft will likely be carried out, the companies issued via BlockSafe might require the quantity of break done. To acquire their goals, the brand has plans for three foremost products:
  • Crypto Defender: Secure your virtual pockets with the perfect competencies
  1. Anti display capture
  2. Keystroke encryption
  3. Anti-clickjacking
  • Exchange of Defenders: Contains CryptoDefender and ProtectID to supply transportation security.
  • Blockchain Defender: Protect personal blockchains via activating as a gateway for data. This is a temporary instance of a few of the beneficial properties bought via every product. Along with the pattern of the company, this product will develop into extra expansive, and hold to develop with the industry. Product mixture for daily safety. It’s a lot simpler to be proactive, and keep away from funds, information turns into reactive. More typically than not, reactive actions show fruitless. By providing a platform as proven via BlockSafe, customers could be extra calm, realizing they're proactive in seeking them for security.

CryptoDefender for desktops has right here good points - Keystroke encryption, Clipboard copy protection, Anti-screen seize and Anti-Clickjacking. CryptoDefender ™ for cell units has right here good points - Safe Keyboard, Safe Browser, Data / Vault Password, and Password Maker.
Exchange Defender includes NULL merchandise to shield the inside crypto change system. These are - CryptoDefender ™ and ProtectID® shield computers and cell units exchanging from key code attacks, screenshots, and click on attacks. ProtectID® secures entry to the inside gadget by means of NULL out-of-band authentication factors.

How ought to the BSAFE market growth in value?

BlockSafe BSAFE tokens supply passive income, BlockSafe takes ten percentage of ideal line gross income earnings and returns to each quarter token holders.

What is the worth proposition of BlockSafe Technologies?
BlockSafe is the basically cybersecurity manufacturer dedicated to preserving crypto wallets, exchanging and blockchains permissions. BlockSafe merchandise is patented; BlockSafe has the first-mover advantage. The cyber safety market to shield the block within the subsequent three years. BlockSafe is a subsidiary of Strikeforce Technologies, which has been in cybersecurity for extra than 18 years.



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