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About PointPay

With strict capital controls achieved with the aid of way of most countries to manage the stream of cash and impose excessive taxes, cryptocurrency has gained use in avoiding capital and tax controls, which results in greater demand. Cryptocurrency has been capable to show an easy-to-use virtual selection to fiat currencies. Offering non-friction transactions and inflation control, investors are sensible sufficient so as to feature those currencies of their various portfolios as assets, simply due to the fact market dimension would now not represent systemic risk. Cryptocurrency makes use of cryptographic use that promises excessive safety processes and verifies private transactions for every user. Therefore, counterfeit and nameless transactions can't be achieved.

While this revolution gained broad acceptance, PointPay created a brand new principal product that combines three providers in a single closed loop ecosystem: PointPay Crypto Bank, PointPay Crypto Exchange platform and PointPay Multi-currency Wallet.

Why Invest in PointPay

PointPay initiated the pattern of an all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem, which needs to share the aware remedy for our users in accessing all the cryptocurrency linked providers in a single platform. We plan to release the prolonged sort of PointPay Crypto Wallet, a protracted sort of PointPay Crypto Exchange and the absolutely licensed PointPay Crypto Bank. Some industries announce their plans for implementing a similar vision, but none of them can do all along.

Solution to Crypto Asset Depreciation Problem

The PointPay cryptocurrency platform crew formulated an inspiration on the best way to resolve this situation and outlined 3 sequential steps. On the only hand, this inspiration will enable merchants and holders to acquire entry to expanded users' function and make cash saved without aim within the crypto pockets function. On the different hand, the mission can also receive the probability to develop from traditional, in accordance with the latest stable safety requirements, exchanges to analog PayPal cryptocurrency, which may be adequately referred to as the 21st-century crypto financial institution - PointPay Crypto Bank.
  1. Issue of 500,000,000 PXP tokens founded mostly on ERC-20 clever contract;
  2. Making a platform with the talent to purchase tokens, gross income earnings to be allocated for product development;
  3. Build a closed-loop ecosystem consisting of PointPay Crypto Bank, PointPay Crypto Exchange platform and PointPay Multi-currency Wallet. The function of calculating this product could be related to PointPay tokens to make useful fee sets from them.
This will simultaneously enforce equally of them by way of means of obtaining licenses from monetary regulators, and functional trend for each day crypto back for PXP token holders. Therefore, this may be a substantial technological tip to construct the Crypto PointPay Bank.

Economic token

PointPay tokens are issued for launch at the Ethereum platform of all receiving ERC20. This will justify transaction security, be compatible with third social gathering providers and share simpler integration.

Trading Patented Assets with PointPayPlatform Crypto Exchange

The PointPay staff believes that the investment activity ought to be extra-democratic and accessible
for most folks who desire to boom their funds.
Investors who've cryptocurrency of their asset portfolios don't have the possibility to commerce on the global monetary market through investing in ordinary asset classes. They are – stocks of world-renowned corporations (Apple, Microsoft, Tesla), index price range (S & P 500, Nasdaq 100), ETF price range (Select Sector Financial SPDR Funds, Invesco QQQ, VanEck Vector Gold Miners ETFs), uncooked material (gas, gold, crude oil, etc.

Therefore, PointPay points a couple of thousand tokens of a different kind which will go well with one or different varieties of ordinary assets. Trading those belongings will happen within the similar method as buying and selling cryptocurrencies at every exchange:
A dealer involves the replacement with the fiat price range and cryptocurrency;
Traders purchase tokenized belongings which might be traded on the Cryptocoin PointPay platform (transactions can happen no longer in simple terms on the expense of their very own price range within the account balance, but in addition use leverage in ratios 1 to 10);
PointPay buys asset courses selected through merchants at Capital.com;
Traders promote token belongings which might be in balance, or shop them till the charge rises;
Traders withdraw price range acquired from their account in Cryptobank.

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