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Introducing AIGO Protocol, Adoption Blockchain 

e-Commerce to World
AIGO is designed as a free, sensible supply code challenge constructed round a custom contract chain that regulates transaction behavior. This might be organized as an easy transaction, very complicated transactions including, amongst others, reimbursement payments, break up payments, per-use payments, replace fee corrections, or a mix of the above. Businesses will probably be capable to make use of decentralized fee mechanisms similar to making new ones according to their desires within the industry world. AIGO trust that the resolution bought by AIGO will create industry opportunities for outside corporations that may construct extra providers above SmartContract and contribute to advancing AIGO Ecosystems. These providers can contain but aren't restricted to credits score facilities, transactions, insurance, arbitration, and others. It is AIGO's goal that Aigo is promoted by means of partnerships with companies that have a big gadget by encouraging them to undertake or use the Aigo Ecosystem from the start. Through the companions that AIGO has launched, AIGO hopes to input and enroll within the industrial international with tens of heaps of day by day users masking diversified markets.

Our Vision and Mission

At a show, there are many limitations that stay away from the acquire of items with cryptocurrency if the holder doesn't convert to fiat currency. Adopting many crypto fee networks reminiscent of AI-Payment can outcome in crypto foreign money holders being capable to transact instantly with merchants without having to pass via further banking layers. By selling protocols for excessive and enormous transaction quantity industries.

How It Works?

For cryptocurrency to be a hit over time, it desires to be a middle edge of the ecosystem it represents. The AI-Payment ecosystem could be constructed completely around the function of AIGOPay Tokens. Our aim is to create a fundamental “De-jure & De-Facto”. AI-payment for sleek bills via way of adopting solid financial token support.

AIGO Technology, AI-Payment Chain

AIGO Chain is meant to be a bendy fee chain and inspire backyard to enter from developers. This motivation is impressed by the modular architecture of the Chain. Although it's going to include a built-in module, AIGO encourages network involvement in its development. The middle function of AIGO Chain might be contained within the on-chain architecture, that's designed to be bendy and evolves to the wants of the community. The preliminary model chain might be implemented as a mixture of clever contacts with entry by the API. This allows us to fast and efficiently grow the AIGO ecosystem and comply with a long run imaginative and prescient with us.

  • A - Chain

AIGO will initially be brought to the Ethereum community but intends to make use of different networks to grow indicators within the future. The AIGO resolution contains a couple of sensible and distinctive contract parts that come collectively to create a bendy AI-Payment Chain.

  • A – Wallet

A dashboard of accounts is used to view account info and to attach wallet-to-wallet. The pockets are the user's personal key holder, regardless of even if the consumer executes a motion or approves the pockets by means of the blockchain. A-Wallet will facilitate the interaction of invoice funds and among accounts. This interaction contains PullRequests, approves transactions, reveals transaction history, and shows account balance. AIGO will grow NULL models of the A-wallet.

  1. A cellular pockets app, AIGO will first grow an android program adopted by models for iOS and Android.
  2. Desktop pockets secondly AIGO will grow a Desktop pocket that helps methods founded mostly on Linux, Windows and Mac Os.
  3. Application-based Web extension, anything conceptually same to Metamask.

  • A – Store

A marketplace that helps AI-System, the aim of this device is to enable customers to purchase items without confirmation from the center, that is prompt without a vast time lag. This is considered one of the AIGO Platforms that has anything distinctive from different e-Commerce. make merchants attempt to discover out how a marketplace supported by AI-System, can pay to utilize virtual forex or fiat forex (EUR, USD, CNY). Each transaction shall be charged a rate and get a level the place that level could be exchanged into AIGO tokens or Cashback from the rate of the item.

  • A – Card

A platform that AIGO will discover is the place the cost device makes use of an ATM card (A-Card). AIGO will disseminate an A-Card that may assist overcome the resolution of fiat forex withdrawal (Crypto Card Bank) and likewise to pay funds without the slightest fee.


Q4 2018

  1. Startup Project Development
  3. Making a project introduction according to our company base
  4. AIGO Marketing research

Q1 2019

  1. AIGO Tokens v1.0 (ERC-20)
  2. AIGO is proud
  3. SDK I - Allows the community to receive AIGO tokens
  4. Blockchain Research
  5. AIGO Pre-Sale and IEO-Sale

Q2 2019 - Q4 2019

  1. Next generation blockchain testing
  2. Testing A-Wallet v1.0 (Android, iOS, Chrome)
  3. SDK II - Enables more advanced integration
  4. Allows deployment of parameter pullcontracts
  5. SDK III - Enables integration with AI-Payment and 3rd party extension services
  6. A-Store testing v1.0 (Website)

Q1 2020

  1. Launch of the latest AIGO Blockchain Generation
  2. Launch A-Wallet & A-Store v1.0
  3. SDK IV - Enables integration with local banks regarding A-cards
  4. Integration with early adopters

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