About Super Zero :SERO


Although the introduction of blockchain technology and the advent of Bitcoin because the primary cryptocurrency is steadily bringing transformation into the world’s economy. With much of tasks leveraging on its distinctive positive aspects to supply transparent, trusted, secure and Decentralized companies to their client.

Yet, the important undertaking bothering customers of the blockchain is the talent to shield their privateness and in addition, take pleasure in peer to peer transactions. Both enormous businesses as effectively folks wish an entire defense in their guide and private news, they wish to conceal their id from the public they wish to shield their private news from being stolen, they wish their monetary transaction historical past to be private.

After the pattern of the bitcoin blockchain, Ethereum blockchain got here with a Smart contract which permits folks to certainly acquire entry to the blockchain technology and Decentralized or distributed applications. Also, the introduction of Ethereum blockchain permits extra tasks from diverse sectors of the international economic system to be integrated into the blockchain technology to leverage on its distinctive positive aspects of transparency, Trust, safety, safety, etc.

However, the important undertaking comes from the inability of those NULL blockchains and diverse blockchain to aid encryption and privateness defense of clever contracts. Also in making an attempt to discover answers on locating out the right way to shield the privateness of blockchain customers globally, Zcash and Monero have been created as privateness defense projects. Again one other disappointment got here while those NULL privateness defense tasks have been now not assisting Smart Contract. Hence the ought to create supper ZERO platform with a Zero evidence of wisdom protocol.


In the context at the nonattendance of purchaser safety assurance, open solutions assist to overhaul the execution. Customer news is vulnerable as a consequence of the nonappearance of safety and budgetary guide guarantee equally because of the framework association in present blockchain system. SERO intends to defend such news from being adopted and pursued, comparable and consolidated into bits of wisdom and assessing from every likely level of view, and redesign the practicability of the standard cases in order to supply large solutions for extra program circumstances. On an open and loose industry personal headway stage, the engineers may have even extra loose improvement space. It is wise in limits and will energize industry courting in the privateness safety field.

SERO Super Zero Protocol: Built To Give You Maximum Privacy

The Super Zero Protocol of Sero is the primary blockchain innovation that implements privateness safe practices constructed on zero-knowledge proofs and helps Turing's entire wise contracts. It ensures DAapps developers to create privateness maintaining crypto which helps wise contracts and likewise use the privacy-protecting forex within the Dapps. The Super Zero Project contain openness of wise contracts and the closeness of the privateness system.

Sero isn't the primary challenge that concentrated on privacy, many tasks have come earlier than it and what I recognize is that many rights listed below are conversant with Dash, Monero and Zcash that are the three famous privateness safe practices cryptocurrency platform. Aside from these three, I even have learn about Veil and Daps privateness cryptocurrency tasks however the reality is that equally the vintage and new ones nonetheless have a few inadequacies which Sero has offered answers to, a few of those weak point includes:
  • Inability to make all transactions personal and discreet. Not all transactions on these protocols are nameless and most in their used nonetheless transact with the naked, public viewable address.
  • Secondly, their transaction per moment tps are especially low and this makes transactions on these structures to be very slow.
  • Thirdly, none of them help clever contracts and this makes them to now not be best for trade or any different operation that employ clever contracts.
With the above-indexed weaknesses, those cash does not actually have the wanted first rate points for a privateness platform that is going past utilizing it for mere monetary transactions however the nice information is that the Super Zero Protocol of Sero has what it takes to take in this new position within the industry. Its performance is way higher than others and it has a number of benefits over its competitors, underneath are indexed a few of its competitive area over them:

  • Transactions on Sero platform are extra secured and it supplies 100 percent privateness which can't be discovered in any different structures others.
  • SERO is the primary nameless foreign money platform primarily founded on Zero-knowledge evidence that helps sensible contracts.
  • SERO has the quickest zero-knowledge evidence encryption library, accomplished by a technique of way of optimizing Zero-Knowledge Proofs generation speed.
  • Sero has a platform has separate distinctive property which might be very important to the platform, those property are Sero coin, nameless Tokens, Tickets & Packages.
  • Aside from being a potential of storing value, the protocol of Sero has optimum aid for sensible contracts as I even have indicated earlier than and the advent of privateness tokens thereby assisting packages which makes it ideal for companies and any different issues that sensible contracts may be used for.


SERO Token is the naive token to be used within the SERO sphere and could be used to empower transactions. The token could be utilized via means of users for other functions of their DApp or SERO similar ecosystem.
  • The token can in like take delivery of like a present to developers of SERO atmosphere.
  • The token can be used to compensate algorithm suppliers.
  • The token can in like be used as a bookkeeping reward.
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auditchain : Decentralized Continuous Audit & Reporting Protocol Ecosystem

Hello crypto lovers, as usual, this time I will write a presentation about a very extraordinary project, this project has the name AuditChain, this project is very extraordinary and very dear to miss especially for crypto lovers. how is the explanation, let's read together below.

Understand what is AuditChain

Auditchain is prime the trend of the world’s first decentralized non-stop audit and actual time monetary reporting protocol ecosystem for virtual asset and service provider guarantee and disclosure. Auditchian allows non-stop outside validation of service provider machine and control, monetary information and disclosure manage environments with the aid of means of a community of CPAs and Chartered Accountants.

Decentralized Continuous Audit & Reporting Protocol Ecosystem

Auditchain is most advantageous the pattern of the world’s first decentralized non-stop audit and actual time monetary reporting protocol ecosystem for virtual asset and business employer guarantee and disclosure. Auditchian permits non-stop outside validation of business employer gadget and control, monetary information and disclosure manage environments by a community of CPAs and Chartered Accountants. The DCARPE Alliance is an accounting, audit and monetary reporting consortium consisting of CPAs, Chartered Accountants, business employer tool services and developers who're contributing instruments to the pattern and using adoption of the DCARPE Assurance and Disclosure Protocol. Auditchain permits enterprises to supply stakeholders with the optimum ranges of guarantee by means of decentralized consensus-based business employer outside validation.

Utility and Description of AUDT Tokens & AUDT Fees

AUDT is the bottom foreign money or “utility tokens” which might be utilized with the aid of way of customers to entry and pay for the companies of the Auditchain Network. AUDT are ERC20 compliant and could be distributed pursuant to a token generation occasion (“TGE”) to early adopters of the Auditchain network. See “Terms of Token Generation Event “TGE”.

AUDT Fees are Auditchain Network founded mostly sets of worth and are pegged to the native foreign money of every respective jurisdiction. Transactions at the Auditchain Network are paid for utilizing AUDT Fees which are deducted from the staked account.

Upon the release of the Auditchain network, the AUDT ERC20 tokens held with the aid of way of holders could be exchanged for native Auditchain community AUDT tokens and migrated onto the network.

How is AUDITCHAIN useful?

  1. Manage by consensus: Nature: Blockchain technology decentralization will enable many customers to entry news in actual time without the danger of hacking or manipulating data.
  2. Transaction transparent: The non-stop audit role permits you to audit and list open supply trade information, that is reachable for evaluation by every player who considers it appropriate.
  3. Automated Audit: Self-monitoring also makes it simple to record, study and examine real-time guide by means of clever contracts. This role permits you to speedy get well news that will be used way to the providers of a pro auditor.
  4. Analyze real-time audit data: The AUDIT Analytical Console will execute a command to validate guide and convey effects by means of pre-configured conditions exact by the platform.

Early Contributors and Adopters
Token Type
ERC 20
Token Sale
Price of personal-sales / pre-sale tokens
0.1 USD
Drop Water
Sales-personal / pre-sales bonus
No info /0
Minimum pre / private hat sales
Price of bulk sales tokens
0.15 USD

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POINTPAY: Providing new things in the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

About PointPay

With strict capital controls achieved with the aid of way of most countries to manage the stream of cash and impose excessive taxes, cryptocurrency has gained use in avoiding capital and tax controls, which results in greater demand. Cryptocurrency has been capable to show an easy-to-use virtual selection to fiat currencies. Offering non-friction transactions and inflation control, investors are sensible sufficient so as to feature those currencies of their various portfolios as assets, simply due to the fact market dimension would now not represent systemic risk. Cryptocurrency makes use of cryptographic use that promises excessive safety processes and verifies private transactions for every user. Therefore, counterfeit and nameless transactions can't be achieved.

While this revolution gained broad acceptance, PointPay created a brand new principal product that combines three providers in a single closed loop ecosystem: PointPay Crypto Bank, PointPay Crypto Exchange platform and PointPay Multi-currency Wallet.

Why Invest in PointPay

PointPay initiated the pattern of an all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem, which needs to share the aware remedy for our users in accessing all the cryptocurrency linked providers in a single platform. We plan to release the prolonged sort of PointPay Crypto Wallet, a protracted sort of PointPay Crypto Exchange and the absolutely licensed PointPay Crypto Bank. Some industries announce their plans for implementing a similar vision, but none of them can do all along.

Solution to Crypto Asset Depreciation Problem

The PointPay cryptocurrency platform crew formulated an inspiration on the best way to resolve this situation and outlined 3 sequential steps. On the only hand, this inspiration will enable merchants and holders to acquire entry to expanded users' function and make cash saved without aim within the crypto pockets function. On the different hand, the mission can also receive the probability to develop from traditional, in accordance with the latest stable safety requirements, exchanges to analog PayPal cryptocurrency, which may be adequately referred to as the 21st-century crypto financial institution - PointPay Crypto Bank.
  1. Issue of 500,000,000 PXP tokens founded mostly on ERC-20 clever contract;
  2. Making a platform with the talent to purchase tokens, gross income earnings to be allocated for product development;
  3. Build a closed-loop ecosystem consisting of PointPay Crypto Bank, PointPay Crypto Exchange platform and PointPay Multi-currency Wallet. The function of calculating this product could be related to PointPay tokens to make useful fee sets from them.
This will simultaneously enforce equally of them by way of means of obtaining licenses from monetary regulators, and functional trend for each day crypto back for PXP token holders. Therefore, this may be a substantial technological tip to construct the Crypto PointPay Bank.

Economic token

PointPay tokens are issued for launch at the Ethereum platform of all receiving ERC20. This will justify transaction security, be compatible with third social gathering providers and share simpler integration.

Trading Patented Assets with PointPayPlatform Crypto Exchange

The PointPay staff believes that the investment activity ought to be extra-democratic and accessible
for most folks who desire to boom their funds.
Investors who've cryptocurrency of their asset portfolios don't have the possibility to commerce on the global monetary market through investing in ordinary asset classes. They are – stocks of world-renowned corporations (Apple, Microsoft, Tesla), index price range (S & P 500, Nasdaq 100), ETF price range (Select Sector Financial SPDR Funds, Invesco QQQ, VanEck Vector Gold Miners ETFs), uncooked material (gas, gold, crude oil, etc.

Therefore, PointPay points a couple of thousand tokens of a different kind which will go well with one or different varieties of ordinary assets. Trading those belongings will happen within the similar method as buying and selling cryptocurrencies at every exchange:
A dealer involves the replacement with the fiat price range and cryptocurrency;
Traders purchase tokenized belongings which might be traded on the Cryptocoin PointPay platform (transactions can happen no longer in simple terms on the expense of their very own price range within the account balance, but in addition use leverage in ratios 1 to 10);
PointPay buys asset courses selected through merchants at Capital.com;
Traders promote token belongings which might be in balance, or shop them till the charge rises;
Traders withdraw price range acquired from their account in Cryptobank.

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AIGO : Adoption Blockchain

Introducing AIGO Protocol, Adoption Blockchain 

e-Commerce to World
AIGO is designed as a free, sensible supply code challenge constructed round a custom contract chain that regulates transaction behavior. This might be organized as an easy transaction, very complicated transactions including, amongst others, reimbursement payments, break up payments, per-use payments, replace fee corrections, or a mix of the above. Businesses will probably be capable to make use of decentralized fee mechanisms similar to making new ones according to their desires within the industry world. AIGO trust that the resolution bought by AIGO will create industry opportunities for outside corporations that may construct extra providers above SmartContract and contribute to advancing AIGO Ecosystems. These providers can contain but aren't restricted to credits score facilities, transactions, insurance, arbitration, and others. It is AIGO's goal that Aigo is promoted by means of partnerships with companies that have a big gadget by encouraging them to undertake or use the Aigo Ecosystem from the start. Through the companions that AIGO has launched, AIGO hopes to input and enroll within the industrial international with tens of heaps of day by day users masking diversified markets.

Our Vision and Mission

At a show, there are many limitations that stay away from the acquire of items with cryptocurrency if the holder doesn't convert to fiat currency. Adopting many crypto fee networks reminiscent of AI-Payment can outcome in crypto foreign money holders being capable to transact instantly with merchants without having to pass via further banking layers. By selling protocols for excessive and enormous transaction quantity industries.

How It Works?

For cryptocurrency to be a hit over time, it desires to be a middle edge of the ecosystem it represents. The AI-Payment ecosystem could be constructed completely around the function of AIGOPay Tokens. Our aim is to create a fundamental “De-jure & De-Facto”. AI-payment for sleek bills via way of adopting solid financial token support.

AIGO Technology, AI-Payment Chain

AIGO Chain is meant to be a bendy fee chain and inspire backyard to enter from developers. This motivation is impressed by the modular architecture of the Chain. Although it's going to include a built-in module, AIGO encourages network involvement in its development. The middle function of AIGO Chain might be contained within the on-chain architecture, that's designed to be bendy and evolves to the wants of the community. The preliminary model chain might be implemented as a mixture of clever contacts with entry by the API. This allows us to fast and efficiently grow the AIGO ecosystem and comply with a long run imaginative and prescient with us.

  • A - Chain

AIGO will initially be brought to the Ethereum community but intends to make use of different networks to grow indicators within the future. The AIGO resolution contains a couple of sensible and distinctive contract parts that come collectively to create a bendy AI-Payment Chain.

  • A – Wallet

A dashboard of accounts is used to view account info and to attach wallet-to-wallet. The pockets are the user's personal key holder, regardless of even if the consumer executes a motion or approves the pockets by means of the blockchain. A-Wallet will facilitate the interaction of invoice funds and among accounts. This interaction contains PullRequests, approves transactions, reveals transaction history, and shows account balance. AIGO will grow NULL models of the A-wallet.

  1. A cellular pockets app, AIGO will first grow an android program adopted by models for iOS and Android.
  2. Desktop pockets secondly AIGO will grow a Desktop pocket that helps methods founded mostly on Linux, Windows and Mac Os.
  3. Application-based Web extension, anything conceptually same to Metamask.

  • A – Store

A marketplace that helps AI-System, the aim of this device is to enable customers to purchase items without confirmation from the center, that is prompt without a vast time lag. This is considered one of the AIGO Platforms that has anything distinctive from different e-Commerce. make merchants attempt to discover out how a marketplace supported by AI-System, can pay to utilize virtual forex or fiat forex (EUR, USD, CNY). Each transaction shall be charged a rate and get a level the place that level could be exchanged into AIGO tokens or Cashback from the rate of the item.

  • A – Card

A platform that AIGO will discover is the place the cost device makes use of an ATM card (A-Card). AIGO will disseminate an A-Card that may assist overcome the resolution of fiat forex withdrawal (Crypto Card Bank) and likewise to pay funds without the slightest fee.


Q4 2018

  1. Startup Project Development
  3. Making a project introduction according to our company base
  4. AIGO Marketing research

Q1 2019

  1. AIGO Tokens v1.0 (ERC-20)
  2. AIGO is proud
  3. SDK I - Allows the community to receive AIGO tokens
  4. Blockchain Research
  5. AIGO Pre-Sale and IEO-Sale

Q2 2019 - Q4 2019

  1. Next generation blockchain testing
  2. Testing A-Wallet v1.0 (Android, iOS, Chrome)
  3. SDK II - Enables more advanced integration
  4. Allows deployment of parameter pullcontracts
  5. SDK III - Enables integration with AI-Payment and 3rd party extension services
  6. A-Store testing v1.0 (Website)

Q1 2020

  1. Launch of the latest AIGO Blockchain Generation
  2. Launch A-Wallet & A-Store v1.0
  3. SDK IV - Enables integration with local banks regarding A-cards
  4. Integration with early adopters

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Game Center Decentralized model of DABANKING

Why DABANKING Project?

As a end end effect of the challenges confronted by means of way of developers whereas attempting to create DApp, a crew of experts and experienced palms in blockchain technology , Games , App growing and comparable fields have created Dabanking with all of the instruments which will make it to be the pioneering utility at the #Blockchain which will permit Developers to create DApps with Decentralized entertainment companies it's characterized with fairness, safety, transparency and safety to offer customers a huge journey with a person pleasant interface. However, Fomo jackpot lottery application Fomo Game is created as certainly one of the primary #DApps merchandise of #Dabanking platform at the blockchain technology.

The Blockchain Gaming Market

In recent years we have still witnessed a strong rise and rapid growth of the gaming industry. According to reports on 10/2017, 2.3 billion users are using this industry service, generating large revenues of $ 105 billion every year. A common problem in game development today is the inability to prove the existence and ownership of in-game assets, causing a lot of fraud. Smart contracts allow users to feel confident that they will receive assets/goods that are authenticated when they are bound by the blockchain. Exchanging in-game items is now a lucrative industry that is estimated at $ 50 billion and is expected to increase rapidly. "Unique" non-commensurate tokens are one of the most important contributions that blockchain has given to the gaming industry. Each token has a unique identity that represents a type of virtual asset. These virtual assets can be bought and sold on any decentralized trading platform, eliminating unnecessary costs and risks from third parties. These digital items can be anything from game skins to virtual cards with high rarity. Games developed with Blockchain Technology can present valuable features such as:
  • Track and authenticate possession of sorts of virtual assets.
  • Reducing charges for third parties.
  • Secure fee gadget founded mostly on a blockchain.
  • Integrating the blockchain into your sport will increase competitiveness in opposition to normal games.
  • Exchange virtual property definitely with excessive liquidity
One of the primary Dapp merchandise from DABANKING is the FomoJackpot lottery program primarily founded on blockchain technology collectively with Game Dapp jointly general as FomoGame, which supports participants no longer basically entertain after a tiring day but additionally on the similar time boom their sales in a simple way.FomoGame is an independent DApp machine within the DABANKING ecosystem constructed on the Blockchain Ethereum. It promotes absolute equity and transparency for users, thereby supporting customers to have huge reviews in all programs within the DABANKING ecosystem. FomoJackpot offers avid gamers the chance to win an actually small quantity of 0.002 #Ehereum for one ticket. The blockchain technology is a discovery that creates a decentralized community primarily founded on peer-to-peer community protocols, which permits each pc on the community to be a server, making a large difference to frequent centralized networks.2013 marked a very vital milestone for the breakthrough in blockchain technology development: the delivery of the Ethereum (ETH) platform created through a way of Vitalik Buterin - Russian developer. He has succeeded in bringing Blockchain technology to a brand new stage whilst integrating Smart Contracts into the recent Blockchain protocol, now recognized as Blockchain 2.0 or the Blockchain Utility. At the give up of 2017, Blockchain technology truly resonates, no longer basically with device developers but additionally with complete attention from governments, essential banking organizations, monetary funds, investors and virtually all social classes, attracting masses of billions of dollars, creating monetary market fertility and selling many successive Blockchain projects. Some Utility Blockchain initiatives are fairly successful, reminiscent of Tron, EOS, STEEM, etc. Gradually approaching its completion, starting the Era of Decentralized Applications (Dapps).

DAB Token

#DAB Mining Strategy

In the primary phase, DABANKING will use Ethereum Blockchain to construct a network of customers by distributing DAB tokens founded mostly at the concept of the POC algorithm (Proof Of Contribution). This is the "Dedication Proof" mining token algorithm whilst locking ETH into "value reserve funds" for DAB tokens. DAB is a token platform for the pattern of the DABANKING network and could be exchanged for the DABANKING blockchain itself whilst the DABANKING Blockchain is officially announced. The optimum complete provide of DAB tokens in a Smart Contract is 200,000,000 DAB and the pure method to get a DAB Token is to make use of the Mining Wallet. DABANKING Developers can't have different ways to achieve DAB Tokens different than exploiting as ordinary customers by means of 'Mining Wallet.

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