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Get to know Yammy Network

Yammy Network is one smart solution that aims to bring new reality that has equality with the LEGO blockchain. here you will get to know the elements of the Blockchain 3.0 feature for the first time. in a sense, you will be able to easily read and understand the concise parts of the code that will be integrated with the application and scalability of each user who has the ability to create a smart contract or the "dApp" decentralized application of his choice.

Thus Yammy gives its users the opportunity to create their own blockchain applications and contracts, without having to have programming knowledge.

The technology behind Yammy Network

Smart contracts
A clever contract is a pc code operating on best of a blockchain containing a set of guidelines under which the parties to that clever contract comply with have interaction with every other. If and whilst the pre-defined rules are met, the agreement is automatically enforced. The clever contract code facilitates, verifies, and enforces the negotiation or performance of an agreement or transaction. It is the easiest form of decentralized automation. It is a mechanism involving virtual belongings and NULL or extra parties, where some or all the events deposit belongings into the clever contract and the belongings automatically get redistributed amongst these events according to components founded mostly on sure data, which isn't known at the time of contract initiation. Transactions Costs of Coordination & Enforcement Smart contracts radically scale back transaction costs. Auto enforceable code – regardless of no matter if at the protocol degree or on the application degree – standardizes transaction rules, therefore slicing the transaction charges of reaching an agreement, formalization, and enforcement. 

Yammy Token distribution

About the Fund
R & D Funds - Funds for Yammy Network are funds that are strongly supported by science and some very good technologies and are highly guaranteed insecurity. The Yammy team wants to give their best idea to the world, and maybe this will cost up to the number of major tokens. they did this for the sake of the smoothness of their research.

Network Maintenance Fund
Yammy Network users will get something very special in every transaction they do, users will be charged a zero fee for the transactions they make. This was done with the aim that Mainnet continues to run, the Network Maintenance Fund was established.

Reserved fund
10% of the total funds for the YMM Token will be reserved. This will be saved and does not allow any party to use this fund. The funds in the project phase will be burned.

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