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Get to know the Athero

Athero is a global computer system that has successfully implemented open source collection, and certainly this platform is decentralized, has security guarantees, you can trust, and this form will also develop quickly.
This ecosystem will combine several components, namely finance, Blockchain and The Internet of Things. This platform stands on the Ehereum blockchain.
Athero THO tokens will be and are listed in some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges. The athero team has now reached a point of agreement with that big exchange, this will be a very extraordinary project.

The main technology that the THO chain has

Athero Chain (THO) has implemented asymmetric encryption. thus, as long as you are storing private properly, then you do not have to worry about losing your data and the data cannot be cracked even if it is stored and collected simultaneously. Every node contained in THO is the same, user privacy will be protected, as we know THO applies Blockchain technology where data cannot be damaged by anyone even by service providers.
We can actually value THO as a combination of several differences found in some technologies. and that merger is what generates the Athero blockchain.

The aim of the Athero

The main purpose of the creation of this project is to provide convenience and solution. and the Team also offers users a variety of services from market to financial.

All users without exceptions will be able to access every service that customers need from just one platform. by using Blockchain Technology Gives The Athero Team to make your money grow faster with better returns.

AtheroToken THO

Atherotoken (THO) is the main road of any ecosystem contained in the Athero, this Token will be used when you want to use any application or service, you will also use this token when you will exchange cryptocurrency or create and sell dApps, using this token you will only be charged a very cheap fee. In addition, this token will also be used when you want to use the IoT Athero Network or AtherodApps. The THO team plans when the token has been activated will integrate the wallet function to store THO balances, so that users will get convenience when they want to take advantage of tokens on the THO platform, currently, the Athero Protocol is being developed which will be implemented on its own open source blockchain. then after all these plans are implemented, the THO that stands under the ERC-20 will be exchanged based on 1: 1 with the original THO issued at
Blockchain Athero.

Project Sustainability

The following are some of the sources of income for Athero and are able to make atheroes survive.

  • Tokenomics: The athero team has involved several parties, which they are experts in finance and merchants, besides this Parakar has also contributed to creating good and proper tokenomics in this project.
  • Token fees: When the tone becomes a user and uses each Athero service you need to release a fee that is a little in shape Athero Token. and this is what will become a fixed income from athero.

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