ASSETSPLIT: Generate Ethereum based assets


ASN is a platform that can produce Ethereum-based assets, the main focus of this platform is smart contracts that are able to generate smart contracts.
Asset Split is a place that will help every user in sending or sharing the valuables they have, this sharing process will use assistance
smart contract technology, which aims to get fresh funds that can assist in the growth of each user's project. at this time the connoisseurs of ASN services need browsers that have web3 capabilities or a browser extension Metamask that will be used to access data from
blockchain. and in Q2 | 2019, ASN smart contract users will also be able to access using an interface, this is one of the conveniences given to web browsers that cannot afford web3. This convenience will be developed and integrated to suit the market.


the main goal of creating this project is to make smart contracts simpler so that each user can create smart contracts that match what they need, and each contract that is generated will be part of the ASN, which will create a strong solid network. other than that users will be put on low gas from every smart contract they produce. every clever contract that has been successfully created has made a profit that will also be appreciated by professionals.

Aimed Assets for  Blockchain

Every business will be actively recognized on each side of the Blockchain network, and even companies that don't have experience with blockchain will also be able to use this Platform service. they can start with the next stage. Every company that has no experience on blockchain can start with European rental services. this service can customers pay with EAST, Ether. or pay with Fiat. for payments using Fiat 70% of the funds will be exchanged with EAST which will be distributed through the ASN share manager contract to EAST shareholders. all of each of these integration processes will be served by ASN task stapler contracts.

About EAST Tokens

EAST Is the main product of platform asset-split, EAST is an Ethereum ERC-20 token, which will have a function as a payment tool for each service contained in the ASN, and in building contracts within the ASN.

  • Token contract: 0x2d1e23144b89fc7364ed3efcd5af04093f7d9a3d
  • Full name: Ethereum Asset Split Token
  • Symbol: EAST
  • Total supply: 150,000 EAST
  • Decimal: 18
  • Minting: no
  • The total supply of 150,000 EAST is sent to Split Asset tokens
  • sales contract in transaction with address0x08377f47fcfd2f922860a34f1c45a0633eff6d1d2ef2fffe2d0a51cecea5d07e

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