AIR WALLET: Invest and receive airdrop easily

AIRWALLET It is a facility that is a bridge that is needed by many people, airdrops and host projects, with this facility they will get an extraordinary convenience in interacting. This facility is created by seeing the enormous power and potential of Airdrop, with this facility the Team hopes that everyone will be connected to the project and participate in helping the growth of the Blockchain industry.

The beauty of Airdrops
Our airdrops understand it as an asset that is shared free of charge for everyone who wants to have it, every project that does an airdrop program is willing to give tokens to everyone who participates in the airdrop program, with the aim of contributing to building the growth of their community. The values and conditions of each project are different but each project has the same ideas and goals in implementing the airdrop program. besides that, we also need to know that the Airdrop program is one way of connecting someone with a project, living side by side and contributing to each other.

Understand AIRWALLET  deeper

AIRWALLET Is a platform that is compatible with the ERC-20, using AIRWALLET allows you to save assets or receive airdrop, which is equipped with a qualified security system. In addition, by using AIRWALLET you will get the ease of investing in an ICO without reducing the level of security, you can do just push the button that is a facility on this platform.

Advantages of AIRWALLET

Efficient Asset Management

AIRWALLET gives you the convenience of providing various kinds of digital assets to support the progress of this platform, you can also manage the Tokens that you have on airdrop tokens that are not yet listed on the market, users can view your assets in a cryptocurrency exchange with this platform, this can do it by integrating APIs from various exchanges.

New Approach to Airdrops & Community Building

We know that Airdrop is a part that we cannot separate from the cryptocurrency market, Airdrop is the main thing that has a marketing function on a project. Another function of airdrop is to form a network between users.

The aim of AIRWALLET is to eliminate the traditional system or method that has been applied to receive airdrop by replacing it with a very simple system or method, through a process that only requires one click on a particular button, with this method users no longer need to spend much do the steps implemented in the old method. the user only needs to press the airdrop to accept on the airdrop you are interested in, the next task is the airwallet platform that will do it.

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