YAMMY NETWORK : Blockchain is simple

Get to know Yammy Network

Yammy Network is one smart solution that aims to bring new reality that has equality with the LEGO blockchain. here you will get to know the elements of the Blockchain 3.0 feature for the first time. in a sense, you will be able to easily read and understand the concise parts of the code that will be integrated with the application and scalability of each user who has the ability to create a smart contract or the "dApp" decentralized application of his choice.

Thus Yammy gives its users the opportunity to create their own blockchain applications and contracts, without having to have programming knowledge.

The technology behind Yammy Network

Smart contracts
A clever contract is a pc code operating on best of a blockchain containing a set of guidelines under which the parties to that clever contract comply with have interaction with every other. If and whilst the pre-defined rules are met, the agreement is automatically enforced. The clever contract code facilitates, verifies, and enforces the negotiation or performance of an agreement or transaction. It is the easiest form of decentralized automation. It is a mechanism involving virtual belongings and NULL or extra parties, where some or all the events deposit belongings into the clever contract and the belongings automatically get redistributed amongst these events according to components founded mostly on sure data, which isn't known at the time of contract initiation. Transactions Costs of Coordination & Enforcement Smart contracts radically scale back transaction costs. Auto enforceable code – regardless of no matter if at the protocol degree or on the application degree – standardizes transaction rules, therefore slicing the transaction charges of reaching an agreement, formalization, and enforcement. 

Yammy Token distribution

About the Fund
R & D Funds - Funds for Yammy Network are funds that are strongly supported by science and some very good technologies and are highly guaranteed insecurity. The Yammy team wants to give their best idea to the world, and maybe this will cost up to the number of major tokens. they did this for the sake of the smoothness of their research.

Network Maintenance Fund
Yammy Network users will get something very special in every transaction they do, users will be charged a zero fee for the transactions they make. This was done with the aim that Mainnet continues to run, the Network Maintenance Fund was established.

Reserved fund
10% of the total funds for the YMM Token will be reserved. This will be saved and does not allow any party to use this fund. The funds in the project phase will be burned.

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ASSETSPLIT: Generate Ethereum based assets


ASN is a platform that can produce Ethereum-based assets, the main focus of this platform is smart contracts that are able to generate smart contracts.
Asset Split is a place that will help every user in sending or sharing the valuables they have, this sharing process will use assistance
smart contract technology, which aims to get fresh funds that can assist in the growth of each user's project. at this time the connoisseurs of ASN services need browsers that have web3 capabilities or a browser extension Metamask that will be used to access data from
blockchain. and in Q2 | 2019, ASN smart contract users will also be able to access using an interface, this is one of the conveniences given to web browsers that cannot afford web3. This convenience will be developed and integrated to suit the market.


the main goal of creating this project is to make smart contracts simpler so that each user can create smart contracts that match what they need, and each contract that is generated will be part of the ASN, which will create a strong solid network. other than that users will be put on low gas from every smart contract they produce. every clever contract that has been successfully created has made a profit that will also be appreciated by professionals.

Aimed Assets for  Blockchain

Every business will be actively recognized on each side of the Blockchain network, and even companies that don't have experience with blockchain will also be able to use this Platform service. they can start with the next stage. Every company that has no experience on blockchain can start with European rental services. this service can customers pay with EAST, Ether. or pay with Fiat. for payments using Fiat 70% of the funds will be exchanged with EAST which will be distributed through the ASN share manager contract to EAST shareholders. all of each of these integration processes will be served by ASN task stapler contracts.

About EAST Tokens

EAST Is the main product of platform asset-split, EAST is an Ethereum ERC-20 token, which will have a function as a payment tool for each service contained in the ASN, and in building contracts within the ASN.

  • Token contract: 0x2d1e23144b89fc7364ed3efcd5af04093f7d9a3d
  • Full name: Ethereum Asset Split Token
  • Symbol: EAST
  • Total supply: 150,000 EAST
  • Decimal: 18
  • Minting: no
  • The total supply of 150,000 EAST is sent to Split Asset tokens
  • sales contract in transaction with address0x08377f47fcfd2f922860a34f1c45a0633eff6d1d2ef2fffe2d0a51cecea5d07e

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ATHERO Cryptofinance's new era for Internet 3.0

Get to know the Athero

Athero is a global computer system that has successfully implemented open source collection, and certainly this platform is decentralized, has security guarantees, you can trust, and this form will also develop quickly.
This ecosystem will combine several components, namely finance, Blockchain and The Internet of Things. This platform stands on the Ehereum blockchain.
Athero THO tokens will be and are listed in some of the best cryptocurrency exchanges. The athero team has now reached a point of agreement with that big exchange, this will be a very extraordinary project.

The main technology that the THO chain has

Athero Chain (THO) has implemented asymmetric encryption. thus, as long as you are storing private properly, then you do not have to worry about losing your data and the data cannot be cracked even if it is stored and collected simultaneously. Every node contained in THO is the same, user privacy will be protected, as we know THO applies Blockchain technology where data cannot be damaged by anyone even by service providers.
We can actually value THO as a combination of several differences found in some technologies. and that merger is what generates the Athero blockchain.

The aim of the Athero

The main purpose of the creation of this project is to provide convenience and solution. and the Team also offers users a variety of services from market to financial.

All users without exceptions will be able to access every service that customers need from just one platform. by using Blockchain Technology Gives The Athero Team to make your money grow faster with better returns.

AtheroToken THO

Atherotoken (THO) is the main road of any ecosystem contained in the Athero, this Token will be used when you want to use any application or service, you will also use this token when you will exchange cryptocurrency or create and sell dApps, using this token you will only be charged a very cheap fee. In addition, this token will also be used when you want to use the IoT Athero Network or AtherodApps. The THO team plans when the token has been activated will integrate the wallet function to store THO balances, so that users will get convenience when they want to take advantage of tokens on the THO platform, currently, the Athero Protocol is being developed which will be implemented on its own open source blockchain. then after all these plans are implemented, the THO that stands under the ERC-20 will be exchanged based on 1: 1 with the original THO issued at
Blockchain Athero.

Project Sustainability

The following are some of the sources of income for Athero and are able to make atheroes survive.

  • Tokenomics: The athero team has involved several parties, which they are experts in finance and merchants, besides this Parakar has also contributed to creating good and proper tokenomics in this project.
  • Token fees: When the tone becomes a user and uses each Athero service you need to release a fee that is a little in shape Athero Token. and this is what will become a fixed income from athero.

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AIR WALLET: Invest and receive airdrop easily

AIRWALLET It is a facility that is a bridge that is needed by many people, airdrops and host projects, with this facility they will get an extraordinary convenience in interacting. This facility is created by seeing the enormous power and potential of Airdrop, with this facility the Team hopes that everyone will be connected to the project and participate in helping the growth of the Blockchain industry.

The beauty of Airdrops
Our airdrops understand it as an asset that is shared free of charge for everyone who wants to have it, every project that does an airdrop program is willing to give tokens to everyone who participates in the airdrop program, with the aim of contributing to building the growth of their community. The values and conditions of each project are different but each project has the same ideas and goals in implementing the airdrop program. besides that, we also need to know that the Airdrop program is one way of connecting someone with a project, living side by side and contributing to each other.

Understand AIRWALLET  deeper

AIRWALLET Is a platform that is compatible with the ERC-20, using AIRWALLET allows you to save assets or receive airdrop, which is equipped with a qualified security system. In addition, by using AIRWALLET you will get the ease of investing in an ICO without reducing the level of security, you can do just push the button that is a facility on this platform.

Advantages of AIRWALLET

Efficient Asset Management

AIRWALLET gives you the convenience of providing various kinds of digital assets to support the progress of this platform, you can also manage the Tokens that you have on airdrop tokens that are not yet listed on the market, users can view your assets in a cryptocurrency exchange with this platform, this can do it by integrating APIs from various exchanges.

New Approach to Airdrops & Community Building

We know that Airdrop is a part that we cannot separate from the cryptocurrency market, Airdrop is the main thing that has a marketing function on a project. Another function of airdrop is to form a network between users.

The aim of AIRWALLET is to eliminate the traditional system or method that has been applied to receive airdrop by replacing it with a very simple system or method, through a process that only requires one click on a particular button, with this method users no longer need to spend much do the steps implemented in the old method. the user only needs to press the airdrop to accept on the airdrop you are interested in, the next task is the airwallet platform that will do it.

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