Saturn - Liquidity provider for crypto markets


Saturn is an exchange that is a symbiosis of comfort and security, exchanging these atoms directly from crypto assets and giving guarantees to third parties.
Saturn was created aiming to create a new, liquid market atmosphere and guarantee its security over the counter.
Saturn is an Exchange Trading Platform and OTC that is designated Cryptocurrency which stands based on the swap cross chain protocol. The Saturn team has a plan to provide P2P exchange services for traders, investors, companies, and brokers.

Saturn's profit

The Swap Protocol was originally only created for atomic exchanges with commissions
blockchain transactions only. well, you will find a different service at Saturn, where there will be additional commissions,
which reaches 0.2% for each exchange transaction, 0.5 - 5% for each over the counter transaction and 1 - 5% for auction transactions. the final provisions of this commission will be agreed upon at the launch and release of Saturn. other than that, Saturn will provide two-way liquidity for several assets independently. This will provide profits in the form of price spreads.

XSAT tokens as a standard for liquidity

The XSAT Token is a Token that plays an important role in Saturn assigned to Saturn's infrastructure and business model. while the task for the Saturn Team itself is to achieve liquidity tokens, and use tokens as a payment tool that can be used to buy goods.
This XSAT will also be used as a quotation asset in the following Saturn services: exchanges and over the counter transactions, auctions, and escrow.

Swap atom exchange protocol for crypto assets

With the existence of an atomic exchange Protocol will give the users the convenience to exchange crypto assets directly, which initially blockchain is incompatible in doing this, without any third party intervention. like an example, by using atomic transactions, we can convert Bitcoin with Litecoin from our wallet. The exchange protocol will guarantee the execution of this transaction. And the transaction will be canceled if the bilateral transaction terms are not met.

Liquidity of Saturn exchange services and XSAT token

the idea of Team Saturn to provide a solution to the problem of secondary demand, by sending liquidity to a market with a low liquid level.
To implement this concept, Saturn will launch a service that can be used for transactions with crypto assets, XSAT Tokens are the main assets that play an important role in Saturn exchange services. The feature that Saturn has is that every time there will be an addition of assets to be listed will be carried out by determining the assets that the user will claim through voting. Community. Saturn is also a major driver of liquidity at
platform. for this reason, the Team considers every best request that comes from Saturn customers.

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