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About New Cash

New cash is a bitcoin exchange and Criptomoedas which is located in Brazil, more precisely in the São Paulo-SP metropolitan area. The new cash exchange team has built their work in the bitcoin p2p trade sector, in addition to working in that sector, the Team also works in developing software. To avoid a third party dependency, the New Cash Team has begun to develop the platform code from the start. To meet the needs of each consumer the Team has provided innovative technology in terms of management, security, and transparency.


Education and Awareness

When we attain 50% of the pre-sale, a few of the tokens sold can be used to foster training about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The purpose is to collaborate with other market gamers to grow a curriculum and teaching technique to be used within the certification of professionals for this aspect of the activity.

Cryptocurrencies ATM

When we attain 80% of part 1, a few of the tokens offered will be used to determine a community of ATMs of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies implemented on the discretion of New Cash Exchange in strategic places in Brazil.

Listing NEWC in other exchanges

The staff behind NEWC Token affirms the commitment to work for the record of the Token in different Exchanges, in order to supply extra scope for the undertaking in phrases of liquidity, market, accessibility and to boost its potential valuation. The purpose is for NEWC to have its attain prolonged beyond regional limitations and positively affect the global a market in a few ways.

Discount Program

According to the quantity of NEWC Tokens, the buyer could have discounts on

the sequence of charges in here proportion.

NEWC Token Quantity
Discounts on fees (Percentage)
1-500 NEWC
4.000 NEWC
7.500 NEWC
12.500 NEWC
16.500 NEWC
25.000 NEWC

Once the purchaser chooses to fasten their currencies within the exchange for discounted charges at the platform, he would possibly cancel this option at any time, however, the NEWC Tokens will in simple terms be launched only 30 days after the request for withdrawal. However, the discount ceases to be utilized from the second of the request. This low-cost plan can also be legitimate for one 12 months after the cease of the sale of the tokens. After that, he might also just be modified, prolonged or canceled at New Cash Exchange's discretion. If this plan is terminated, the NEWC Tokens will automatically be lower back to the customer.

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Saturn - Cross-chain Exchange & OTC trading Platform

Hello friends, in this article I will return to discuss the Saten Token that I wrote a while ago, for friends who have not read can go to the following location


just to recall what is Saturn Black, Saturn Black is an exchange platform that provides convenience and security for all its users, where users can do business directly from crypto assets, and third parties will guarantee the legality and security of each transaction for each user crypto market.

Market capacity is covered by Saturn products

We need to know that the current market has decreased by 75%, the lost capitalization costs have reached 600 billion USD. in November 2018, market capitalization was more likely to be represented by bitcoin as much as 50% or even more, and 26% of the others represented by crypto TOP 10. now the market players have been hit with a lot of costs in the amount of 99.5% from crypto assets, by facing this fact which shows a continuing decline in the market, Saturn offers an option to convert crypto assets with guaranteed low liquidity to XSAT tokens that have services that function in trade, in such a way that asset relevance crypto will increase 99.5% of market players.

Saturn strategy in introducing services

The registration process for each crypto asset will depend on the requirements of the community in the market, and the team from Saturn will act as a regular voting regulator, this will start with the first stage of selling tokens, this is done with the aim to understand the capacity and market needs for expanding secondary market As a volume of assets, every user who is interested in selling will get a reward for Xsat tokens. no less important things that prospective users need to know, Saturn will conduct negotiations with each company representative who uses the benefits of this, and they will conduct discussions around current liquidity of assets. every team of companies interested in resolving this liquidity problem will get partnership assistance in the form of adding assets to the list of trading instruments. the existence of services for over-the-counter transactions and auctions will allow large amounts of asset holders to realize their assets on the saturn platform. Ti saturn plans to include Xsat tokens into the popular stock exchange, this is done because of the shift in trading volume on the market towards decentralization, by doing this Tim Saturn hopes that Xsat tokens will get the right and fair price to avoid manipulation when this platform develops. , Tim Saturn intends to carry out an observation in developing and increasing liquidity in the crypto market.


I personally see this project very extraordinary, because this project has a very big goal, and this goal has great benefits for all of us traders. I think that with more and more supporters and companies working with this big project, it will be easier to realize the goal of that big goal. so what are you waiting for, immediately join with Saturn.

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Realizing the new internet paradigm with GRAVITY


New Internet paradigm
The team tried to create a new paradigm on the internet, moving from the previous one in the form of a Centralized Network to Distributed. here anyone can share computer resources, we can do this by using standby devices that we have such as smartphones, tablets or PCs, besides that we can contribute to building public Blockchain and replacing existing Internet paradigms from centralized systems to distributed networks.

Grabity is a public Blockchain project, which will change the Internet paradigm from a centralized network to a distributed network. now the performance of the hardware has begun to develop and continues to increase dramatically, even a smartphone now has a performance level that is far better than the server that was before. it's just that it has 100% storage space or computing power. as I explained above, here anyone can share computer resources, we can do this using a standby device that we have such as a smartphone, tablet or PC, and we as users will get as many awards as the resources we provide, and the DApp developers will use computer resources to run services at a far less costly cost.

About the Project ORBITS NETWORK

The Orbits Network is a major decentralized Grabity network that is able to attract P2P networks where it is distributed purely by using a computer that is connected using wireless. Transactions that occur in Orbits Network will be managed well and efficiently using Genesis Hoisting technology has the ability to process multiple transactions simultaneously and quickly. in addition, we can store Smart Contracts and source files in several separate places, we can do this by utilizing distributed storage technology and Defrag Function technology provided by Orbits Network.

Planet Wallet

Planet Wallet is a client node and an official wallet launched by Orbits Network. The team launched this wallet with the aim to provide the best security for every user, Planet Wallet will be released before the launch of the main network which functions to transfer tokens quickly safely and comfortably using the user's mobile number, this process can be done simultaneously by storing and transferring tokens in inter-exchange applications. The team will also add the application node and DApp Store functions, after the main launch is done.

Token Economy
Request for GBT
  • Every user or consumer who needs computer resources must buy a GBT .
  • To participate in the ICO Program at DApp Orbit Network-based the participants must purchase GBT.
  • GBT is the main currency of DApp, if DApp users experience an increase, then the demand for GBT will also increase.
  • Prizes will be provided to provide computer resources after the main clean launch process, with the hope that in order to increase demand for GBT, this will be determined from additional computer resources and GBT.

2018 Q4
Smart Contract Deploy
ERC20-based token issue

2019 Q1

Network layer Development (P2P-based overlay network establishment)
Planet Wallet launching (Android, iOS)

2019 Q2

Data layer development
Consensus layer development

2019 Q3

Orbits Network Beta launching
Node Client development
Block Explorer development

2019 Q4

Application layer development

2020 Q1

Management layer development

2020 Q2

Orbits Network launching
GBT-based DEX, DApp Store launching

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Saturn - Liquidity provider for crypto markets


Saturn is an exchange that is a symbiosis of comfort and security, exchanging these atoms directly from crypto assets and giving guarantees to third parties.
Saturn was created aiming to create a new, liquid market atmosphere and guarantee its security over the counter.
Saturn is an Exchange Trading Platform and OTC that is designated Cryptocurrency which stands based on the swap cross chain protocol. The Saturn team has a plan to provide P2P exchange services for traders, investors, companies, and brokers.

Saturn's profit

The Swap Protocol was originally only created for atomic exchanges with commissions
blockchain transactions only. well, you will find a different service at Saturn, where there will be additional commissions,
which reaches 0.2% for each exchange transaction, 0.5 - 5% for each over the counter transaction and 1 - 5% for auction transactions. the final provisions of this commission will be agreed upon at the launch and release of Saturn. other than that, Saturn will provide two-way liquidity for several assets independently. This will provide profits in the form of price spreads.

XSAT tokens as a standard for liquidity

The XSAT Token is a Token that plays an important role in Saturn assigned to Saturn's infrastructure and business model. while the task for the Saturn Team itself is to achieve liquidity tokens, and use tokens as a payment tool that can be used to buy goods.
This XSAT will also be used as a quotation asset in the following Saturn services: exchanges and over the counter transactions, auctions, and escrow.

Swap atom exchange protocol for crypto assets

With the existence of an atomic exchange Protocol will give the users the convenience to exchange crypto assets directly, which initially blockchain is incompatible in doing this, without any third party intervention. like an example, by using atomic transactions, we can convert Bitcoin with Litecoin from our wallet. The exchange protocol will guarantee the execution of this transaction. And the transaction will be canceled if the bilateral transaction terms are not met.

Liquidity of Saturn exchange services and XSAT token

the idea of Team Saturn to provide a solution to the problem of secondary demand, by sending liquidity to a market with a low liquid level.
To implement this concept, Saturn will launch a service that can be used for transactions with crypto assets, XSAT Tokens are the main assets that play an important role in Saturn exchange services. The feature that Saturn has is that every time there will be an addition of assets to be listed will be carried out by determining the assets that the user will claim through voting. Community. Saturn is also a major driver of liquidity at
platform. for this reason, the Team considers every best request that comes from Saturn customers.

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