Introduction to IOVO

In our lives today, we are never separated from something called data, especially for those of us who are within the scope of the company. data is something that is very important, and if we realize that the data is very valuable and even represents the human value that we have. We cannot imagine what will happen when we lose that data, which is certain that we will get negative trust in holding data, or even we will be blocked in that case.
But for now, we can feel calm because now IOVO is present which is a decentralized human value BLOCKCHAIN network. by utilizing the IOVO we will get that value back in a safe and secure way.
The IOVO democratizes the monetization of data for all participating parties, which is better known as electronic identity. In fact, at present, there are several structured organizations that take advantage of the data obtained from different platform users. for this reason, IOVO is in the midst of us to improve this by providing a decentralized network database that gives users the freedom to benefit from collecting, storing and sharing our personal values directly or using a variety of decentralized "dapps" applications.

Why is the IOVO?

Our current social life always depends on data, while the circulation of data flowing from one party to another will harm us as the owner of the data because this process will harm democracy and cause the decline in human values. in the future we as IOVO users will find the main reason, why we need to use IOVO:

  • The first reason, There are several large organizations that take and process the data they produce from every activity that every human being does on this earth. No one has access to this.
  • there is a need for a cumulative universal database that is easy to access, explore and analyze. IOVODAG is a comprehensive network. the database will be accessed by analysts and will be examined by people who are experts in their fields.


Each IOVO user will get full data security guarantees for the benefit of application operators and for decentralized applications. IOVO also provides user facilities in the form of monetization of data, this will be done by asking for user approval.
Following are the IOVO Benefits for dApp and application owners:
  • Access to a comprehensive global database through a data wallet.
  • Monetization of data owned.
  • Data security.
  • Acquisition of more users.
  • A history that cannot be modified

IOVO as the largest data network

Apart from maintaining user data, IOVO networks also function as databases, each user can collect all the data from each application that is built based on that network. with this wide-ranging IOVO capability, we can call IOVO the largest database in the world, which has been able to combine data from various fields. this diversity of data will be stored in a system and will produce significant publications and will have the potential for commercial research.


IOVOanalytics is an overlay application that serves to find data and insights available in the IOVO network database system. Data search only includes a data that has been approved by the user to be published, with our IOVO network as a user and hopefully fast in the process of collecting data that is needed both in the needs of analysis or otherwise. In addition, IOVOanalytics also provides access to the network IOVO only by using one application. The IOVOanalytics application was created with the aim of providing facilities to access data collected through various applications.
Following are the basic features of IOVOanalytics:

  • network search
  • data acquisition
  • multi-level data analysis
  • data exchange
  • data export
  • communication with users
  • fee management
  • data analysis patterns
  • data wallet management

IOVO Wallet

IOVO wallet is the main door for every user to go to the IOVO network. The aim is to provide access to basic functions such as sharing data, receiving messages, or even conducting transactions using IOVO coins, or combining data that has been successfully collected by all applications at IOVO
blockchain.wallet IOVO also makes it easy for users to manage multiple addresses obtained from just one private key. Users can also create new addresses for each dApp on IOVO23
network or users can also use only one application for several applications.

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