Paybit S.A. S, founded by people who have expertise in the field of operations using DAOactions, cryptomonads analysis and experts in development, in 2016, these people had 6 years of experience in the field of digital currency, processing payments, and money transfers. Paybit S.A. S, are people who have been known by many people, and they have made a partnership with the BITPAGOS LATAM company, which is a company that can be called the oldest company in Argentina where the company is dedicated to instant payment and money transfer solutions. the task is to solve a problem that occurs related to bank boundaries and boundaries. which will be guided to projects or cities, and currently TIM has made the following products:

  • PrepaidU
  • TransferU
  • StateU
  • ChargeU


The team is currently working on dedicating to make part of it real, Unlimited Money, instant, comfortable, transparent and free. Ti has provided the money that will be provided to individuals and companies that will be used for payments, for shipping, in currencies, wherever and wherever you want.


a platform that is able to process blockchain services or debit card and credit card services that are safe from fraud

The main purpose of this platform is to provide a solution for each user in the payment process in several countries, without giving a limit to each customer, except in some cases, such as debit/credit card taxes, limits in online shopping or international purchases. for each transaction fee will be 3.7% + 1 Euro in each account international within 72 hours.

100% remittance online, without limits

How does it work

The following is a simple simulation as to where this will work.
for example, Mr. Jhon wanted to send money from Spain to London that was addressed to his colleagues, so the first thing he did was send 100Euros to a TransferU account, and this transaction would cost 3.5%. while the payment method will use the conventional payment method, or 0.5% + 1Euro using ESU Ethereum TokenHector, fellow Jhon will receive the money on the same day. This transaction will use 2 alternative shipments, TransferU, using a National bank account so the city can make sure that this transaction is quite safe because TransferU has a role as escrow.

Users will get different information from the features provided

With the E-banking application that the TEAM provides users will be able to easily fulfill their needs, users will be able to do any transaction using this application anywhere and anytime. other than that, each user will get protection that uses safe 3d technology for each Visa and MasterCard Second payment. to manage every transaction that users do The team will work using Oncloud technology, People card and I think this is quite good with disruptive technology and DAO actions. and those who are not less important will be released using 7 languages.

Real State ESUoken Platform

by using Multisig ESU Transfer Escrow, each user can also write every real estate sale, on their blockchain. The business objective of this project is to minimize the costs and time we have to spend in conducting online transactions and real estate sales. and we as potential users do not need to doubt this anymore, because in reality, this Team has a lot of experience in helping companies in the real estate sector in the process of selling the property, such as homes and other buildings. This online money transfer service is a tool that can help increase foreign investment in underdeveloped countries. for this reason, they support 100% of the real estate business.

ESU Token

Type of contract
Development platform
Token type
De Untilidad
Maximum supply in Token
85,000,000 ESU
ICO  presale objective Amount ESU
Pre-sale in USD
30,000,000 USD
ICO date of sale
Minimum necessary capital
20,000,000 ESU
Maximum capital needed
26,000,000 ESU
Blocked Tokens
10,000,000 ESU
Final sale date
Minimum Purchase
Metal mask Compatible

Token function: Utility

USE tokens were created and developed with the aim of providing services and assisting Intermarket, every activity that is made using these tokens is being regulated and written in the Blockchain without you acting at all. by using this token we as users will be very very lucky because we will be able to minimize the cost of transferring our money internationally and the cost of selling our property.

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Introduction to IOVO

In our lives today, we are never separated from something called data, especially for those of us who are within the scope of the company. data is something that is very important, and if we realize that the data is very valuable and even represents the human value that we have. We cannot imagine what will happen when we lose that data, which is certain that we will get negative trust in holding data, or even we will be blocked in that case.
But for now, we can feel calm because now IOVO is present which is a decentralized human value BLOCKCHAIN network. by utilizing the IOVO we will get that value back in a safe and secure way.
The IOVO democratizes the monetization of data for all participating parties, which is better known as electronic identity. In fact, at present, there are several structured organizations that take advantage of the data obtained from different platform users. for this reason, IOVO is in the midst of us to improve this by providing a decentralized network database that gives users the freedom to benefit from collecting, storing and sharing our personal values directly or using a variety of decentralized "dapps" applications.

Why is the IOVO?

Our current social life always depends on data, while the circulation of data flowing from one party to another will harm us as the owner of the data because this process will harm democracy and cause the decline in human values. in the future we as IOVO users will find the main reason, why we need to use IOVO:

  • The first reason, There are several large organizations that take and process the data they produce from every activity that every human being does on this earth. No one has access to this.
  • there is a need for a cumulative universal database that is easy to access, explore and analyze. IOVODAG is a comprehensive network. the database will be accessed by analysts and will be examined by people who are experts in their fields.


Each IOVO user will get full data security guarantees for the benefit of application operators and for decentralized applications. IOVO also provides user facilities in the form of monetization of data, this will be done by asking for user approval.
Following are the IOVO Benefits for dApp and application owners:
  • Access to a comprehensive global database through a data wallet.
  • Monetization of data owned.
  • Data security.
  • Acquisition of more users.
  • A history that cannot be modified

IOVO as the largest data network

Apart from maintaining user data, IOVO networks also function as databases, each user can collect all the data from each application that is built based on that network. with this wide-ranging IOVO capability, we can call IOVO the largest database in the world, which has been able to combine data from various fields. this diversity of data will be stored in a system and will produce significant publications and will have the potential for commercial research.


IOVOanalytics is an overlay application that serves to find data and insights available in the IOVO network database system. Data search only includes a data that has been approved by the user to be published, with our IOVO network as a user and hopefully fast in the process of collecting data that is needed both in the needs of analysis or otherwise. In addition, IOVOanalytics also provides access to the network IOVO only by using one application. The IOVOanalytics application was created with the aim of providing facilities to access data collected through various applications.
Following are the basic features of IOVOanalytics:

  • network search
  • data acquisition
  • multi-level data analysis
  • data exchange
  • data export
  • communication with users
  • fee management
  • data analysis patterns
  • data wallet management

IOVO Wallet

IOVO wallet is the main door for every user to go to the IOVO network. The aim is to provide access to basic functions such as sharing data, receiving messages, or even conducting transactions using IOVO coins, or combining data that has been successfully collected by all applications at IOVO
blockchain.wallet IOVO also makes it easy for users to manage multiple addresses obtained from just one private key. Users can also create new addresses for each dApp on IOVO23
network or users can also use only one application for several applications.

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Through utilizing the latest technology adding utilizing shards, lceChain may be capable to scale as want and likewise be capable to deal with any quantity of distribution. Using this model, lceChain may be capable to supply high-throughput blockchain customers are already watching for; something safe, quick and low cost (if no longer free) to transact on. Since the platform will run on a distributable network, it'll permit the ICH coin to integrate into typical purchase transactions, providing a decentralized and quick service. 


The layout ideas which style the foundation of the lceChain community are that the platform is capable to scale as wanted whereas no longer compromising on any degree of safety and without costing customers extra in the transaction fee. Security, scalability, and decentralization are in the middle of the lceChain model. Cross-shard transactions can be capable to be created in a seamless method that may give an excessive degree of fine inside the experience to users. All this, on an ecosystem that can be pushed via incentives and ability to aid a vast type of selection structures to offer customers the skill to make use of one account for all their transactions. Security can be maintained
on the similar excessive level regardless of how big the platform scales. 


In the lceChain layout, a cross-shard transaction turns into attainable via token conversion and transaction performance. A sub-chain could be on supply to the different chain, that could make a cross-chain a cross-shard. Smart contracts could be made possible through the EVM as it's the greatest alternative at present. Off-chain transactions will be accommodated for every time a transaction ought to have entry to the news that is off the blockchain. Smart contract guide could be sharded whilst wanted and remain specific in nature. The general account management is made simple via the talent to have one account having entry to any shard and customers could be capable to run a fundamental account containing the person deal with in a default shard, or via working a secondary account that manages each deal with of the person in a shard. The fundamental alternative could be the most popular account selected and can purely be moved temporarily to one other deal within a second account if necessary. The final steadiness within the secondary account will be moved again to the fundamental account. The general task could be simple and the shards will be capable to automatically become aware of what a user's fundamental account is, with seamless running that will move omitted via the user. 

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BCT Name: Kalstarzz