About BitcoinBing

BitcoinBing is a cryptocurrency market that has a variety of unique features and has undergone a refinement process. The establishment of this exchange utilizes the peer-to-peer architecture, where the entire blockchain concept is built. Every BitcoinBing user will get full control over what users want in the format of currency exchange, processes and procedures.

How the Blockchain works

Before you have to know that Blockchain has a high level of security, no one can hack at any location or compromise it. Any data stored on the blockchain system cannot change or change, and this system is ideal for recording a very important data such as transactions or medical recordings etc.
Here I include a graphic illustration of the Blockchain process.

  • Fiat Currency: Fiat currency is a currency that is familiar to all people, fiat money is money that is published and supported by the government and controlled by central banks in each country. Fiat money is very different from cryptocurrency, in which fiat money is stored in an identification information and stored in a centralized silo in a decentralized network.
  • Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency is a representation of digital assets, and sometimes digital assets are also referred to as tokens or coins. In storage or transaction, Cryptocurrency is not contained information about users so that cryptocurrency users cannot be identified. de and cryptocurrency the anonymous nature of this cryptocurrency has a fairly high popularity in the world. and we are currently focusing on cryptocurrency called bitcoinbing which is a genuine currency that has the BitcoinBing exchange platform.
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange: It is an institution that facilitates cryptocurrency users in trading or exchanging their crypto assets, both exchanging cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency and other currencies. in a very easy way this exchange connects the seller and the buyer. and currently, BitcoinBing will launch the exchange. bitcoinbing is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that will give something different to each user in this exchange will combine the main features that will provide comfort and benefits for each user.
  • SmartContract: a smart contract is a method of exchanging values between two or more parties. This Smart contract will function as validation and escrow.

Bitcoinbing feature
Here I include some of the main features in bitcoinbing
  • Multi-currency pairs: The BitcoinBing platform will offer you multiple currency pairs, with this feature you can do many transactions at the same time as a user. This feature is a quite unique feature, you won't find this on other exchanges,
  • Security: Security is very important and this has become a top priority for every exchange platform. Currently, BitcoinBing has evaluated all aspects of security in order to avoid things that are not wanted. To ensure that information is really safe btcoinbing also includes the KYC process, even though in reality Blockchain itself has provided a security seal.
  • Buyback tokens: BitcoinBing will collect funds of at least 50% which will be taken from trading fees, these funds will be used to buy and burn Bing exchange tokens. This is done in order to maintain the balance of the number of tokens on the market and on the platform. With this process, the Team will burn additional tokens that have been collected on the exchange and keep the Bing token value intact.
Token Bing

Bing token is a token that is launched by the Man BitcoinBing platform by using this token, traders who trade using Bitcoinbing exchange will be charged zero trading fees to pay the fees for trading that traders do. It means
BitcoinBing increases capital, by using bitcoinbing users will benefit from trading.
  1. Bing tokens are utility tokens.
  2. In the future, a feature will be added, this feature will enable revenue sharing.
  3. Bing tokens can also be used by users to trading with other crypto currencies.
  4. Bing token values can continue to increase along with increased trading volume on the exchange.
  5. A great way to diversify your crypto portfolio.

Legal & Compliance
Partnership & Bonus


otal Token = 1 Billion
Token Price = 0.50$/Bing
For Sale = 150 Million

Token Sale Price:
For Bulk sale
(30M) - 0.08$/Bing For Public Sale
30M- 0.20$/Bing
30M - 0.30$/Bing
30M - 0.40$/Bing
30M - 0.50$/Bing
Minimum Contribution:
For Early Investors = 5ETH/0.5BTC
For Public Sale = 0.2ETH/0.02BTC
Maximum Contribution: 100ETH/10BTC
BTC, BCH, LTC, XRP, ETH, NEO are accepted.


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