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Explanation about ICOVO

ICOVO is an ICO platform that has the ability to actualize good ICOs. ICOVO has a DAICOVO smart contract, in which the smart contract runs based on the DAICO concept, which has been advocated by the co-founder Ethereum Vitalik Buterin in January 2018.
Using the DAICO approach that is decentralized, the Team hopes to be able to remove all the problems and fraud that occur in the ICO program. with the hope that all ICOs will use DAICO, in addition, the team will also develop open DAICOVO sources, which are in line with the thought flow behind DAICO.
The OVO Token will be published, which has a function as a currency to get ICO investment. OVO tokens are the only tokens that have the function as procurement of ICO funds. And the team will benefit every ICO investor who uses OVO tokens to join the project on the ICOVO platform.
In addition to creating a good and safe ICO environment, ICOVO also aims to widen the network of ICO investors and the ICO market itself.

Application of DAICO At Daicovo smartcontrac

In addition to meeting the needs of the founders of the ICO Project, DAICOVO also offers smart contracts that have been optimized for application to an ICO that adopts the DAICO model. For all ICO projects that use DAICOVO in carrying out their ICO on ICOVO Web, no fees will be recognized, free. ICOVO has plans to issue DAICOVO as an open source.

ICOVO APP smartphone wallet application

This application has an advantage that is quite special, including the multi Token feature, this multi account wallet is very compatible with ETH and ERC20 tokens, and has a level of security that we don't need to doubt about, the main purpose of creating this wallet is to increase security by storing Private keys on mobile devices are not online, the ICOVO App is a good solution for investors and project founders. The next feature found in the ICOVO App is the dashboard feature, KYC / AML, Whitelist registration, Whitepaper viewer, ICO project list integrated with ICOVO Web and Photo ID uploader. so you don't have to hesitate to use it, currently ICOVO APP already has many users, and you can get it easily on Google Play.

ICOVO Web: Site listing ICO which has guaranteed protection for investors

ICOVO Web is a website provided for the founders of the ICO project. All ICO project owners can register their Project here, fulfilling the specified terms and criteria. the aim is to safeguard investors so that they are in a condition that is truly safe.
Available features
the whitepaper version uses IPFS. each ICO Project registered in the ICOVO Web will be managed by IPFS. using the IPFS whitepaper version that makes the whitepaper maintained its authenticity.

Use OVO tokens and get discounts up to 25% for purchasing project tokens

for every ICO Investor who uses the OVO Token in the purchase of a token for the project registered in the ICOVO platform, he will get Up to 25% discount compared to using ETH. Because OVO is a token that is listed on the exchange and has a fluctuating price
against ETH.

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