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IOU has found a loyalty system that has various benefits that will benefit traders, including flexibility, control, and many other things that I will describe later.

As I mentioned above IOU is a loyalty system that will make it easier for business owners to increase the level of new interactions with consumers. Another important thing you need to know is that every consumer has the opportunity to freely exchange IOUs that consumers buy with other consumers for other IOUs.

Benefits for traders and consumers

IOU is responsible for being a Flagchain Blockship Loyalty Program for Traders. This is a safe and effective way to promote special offers to potential Consumers.

Every customer will get an IOU offer that is guaranteed security from the Trader with some special requirements for promotional products or services, including expiration, limited quantity, and exchange requirements. With such a thing, it will give Consumers a time design to take advantage of what has been provided in this project, such as utilizing products, services or giving consumers the opportunity to trade their IOU with other Consumers.

Every consumer will become their agent who will direct other consumers to P2P exchanges who want to buy their IOU. Using an approach like this will give paragangagang a fairly stable inflow of each new customer and true loyal customers ...

Utilizing IOUX Tokens

All Traders will be charged a fee of 5% as Gas in IOUX Tokens in every IOU offer to be issued to the Consumers. This 5% financing is only borne by every buyer who makes a purchase using other cryptocurrencies, while purchases using Tokens IOUX will be released. This is a form of giving incentives to each IOUX Token holder. In addition, every customer will get a 5% discount in every IOUX Token transaction. If traders and consumers have collected 1000 token transactions, they will get an additional 20 loyalty tokens that will be distributed equally.

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