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About the Coinanalyst project

coinanalyst is a software that provides a dashboard of facilities for every crypto trader or other industry to be able to access a dashboard that can monitor and analyze every real-time from crypto and ico. This software stands on Cogia's patented technology. By using this system, each user will get several things that provide convenience and comfort to each user such as news, price quotes, and messaging.

Get to know Cogia

Cogia is a system that is able to provide analysis that customers will get automatically, this system can collect text and web including social networks. Within seven years Cogia has had a lot of special experience in developing products, this is a result of cogia cooperation with customers from all economic sectors and collaboration with scientific institutions.


This feature is available for individual traders

  • Alert

With this feature, each user can mark the coin that suits their wishes, then the customer will get a message about the coin that the customer has marked by telegram or e-mail using the warning function.

  • Breaking News

Every customer will get news that will have an impact on the prices of Bitcoin and Altcoin. This news will be sent to telegram or e-mail.

  • Learning Relevance

Using this algorithm will track how news will have an impact on the movement of coin prices that have been referenced, so the point is that this algorithm will determine the relevance of each news.

  • Calendar

Customers will find it easy to find an event schedule in the form of a list of exchanges or coin updates. the team will collect every event from the platform like and give customers a coin schedule that has been marked.

  • Exercise

Set new customers and beginners in trading will get help from this platform,

CoinAnalyst Token - COY

To facilitate each crypto team user create an ERC20 utility token that has the name COY. with this token, each user will get the services and benefits of the CoinAnalyst ecosystem. In addition to being useful for users, this COY Token will pump CoinAnalyst growth.

Token generation 

The total number of COY tokens that will be released on the Ethereum blockchain amounts to 3.75 billion COY. This will be issued using a smart contract. With the growth of the crypto community and its rapid network effects, CoinAnalyst will create a sustainable ecosystem for that community. therefore the contribution to COY is a major contribution to the future of the CoinAnalyst ecosystem.
COY tokens will be offered directly to users through the CoinAnalyst Ecosystem. funds collected from the sale of COY tokens will be used in the development and expansion of the CoinAnalyst ecosystem.

COY price variations

The price of COY tokens will vary from time to time due to several factors. I include the following factors that the user needs to know:

  1. change requests for CoinAnalyst crypto services,
  2. burning rate and cost adjustment,
  3. changes in competitive landscapes,
  4. speculative COY requests,
  5. supply by token holders who are willing to sell COY,
  6. EUR / ETH, and
  7. gas costs in the Ethereum network.

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