Republia is a large-scale ecosystem leader

Introduction to Republia

Republia is a large-scale, decentralized ecosystem and includes elements of the country that are close to our space, namely digital. the operating mechanism based on Blockchain technology. the coordination system applied to Republia uses the analog "we-government" purpose of this analog use to manage directly without involving other institutions that regulate it relevantly.

Republia's ecosystem is a new stage of management, which has several exceptions such as excluding mediation and giving every platform user the opportunity to play a role in influencing system development and making decisions that are in accordance with different changes.

the mechanism gathered in this project is a very relevant mechanism from countries that are familiar with us and combine it with efficient technology.

The Republia global ecosystem is a well-organized set of tools. this device runs under an internal set of rules that will guarantee comfort and security.


The Republia project development team has built a strong technological foundation, which is matured from all elements of the ecosystem, will be realized with a higher level of efficiency. In this way, the basic principles of Blockchain technology management will be observed, decentralized, fair and pure democracy.

The main objective of this project is to create decentralization that has a large-scale ecosis, which project will combine elements of countries that are familiar with us, while the mechanism used is based on blockchain technology, using this mechanism each user can make decisions through consensus and directly affect the modernization of the entire ecosystem.

Missions of Republia

  1. Provide comfort and safety in use.
  2. Resolve global problems.
  3. Expansion and complementarity of the blockchain ecosystem in a way
  4. Held the ICO Republia platform program.
  5. Creating an ecosystem that will be recognized in general and ideal for use in developing or maintaining a project.
Republia Exchange

Republia Exchange is the main platform for asset exchange and liquidity creation for RPB cryptocurrency. Every customer can choose between two exchanges namely Rialto and Emporium, both of these exchanges are the first exchange represented by the help of implementing Atomic Swap technology. the main priority of this exchange is anonymity when making transactions.
Republia exchange is a safe and convenient exchange platform and has speed in transactions, this exchange is a guaranteed exchange of security by Veracity System.
Emporium will give a user an opportunity to make an exchange or transaction through the Republia internal bank card. when a customer transacts using a Republia debit card, a certain number of RPB coins will be sold under market orders and transactions will occur more quickly. rather than through popular payments. this system is a MasterCard or Visa system, because of instant operations from Atomic Swap.

RPB coin Distribution

Total Supply
100  % RPB
Pre Mining
15 %
60.000.000 RPB
Bank Reserve
20 %
80.000.000 RPB
Available for Mining
65 %
260.000.000 RPB



2.000$ - 5.000$
More than 5.000$
20 %
22,5 %
25 %
10 %
12,5 %
15 %
5 %
7,5 %
10 %
0 %
2,5 %
5 %


Ecosystem research and development
50 %
25.000.000 $
Marketing and business development
18 %
9.000.000 $
Administrative and operational expenses
15 %
7.500.000 $
Negotiation and listing on exchanges
6 %
3.000.000 $
Legal Support
6 %
3.000.000 $
Unexpected circumstances
5 %
2.500.000 $

ICO statistics from 2014 to 2018

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