Rateonium at a glance

Rateonium is a platform that has used Blockchain technology, with this platform will change the way each customer tells each other their experiences, creating a system based on metadata created based on member income and anonymized. this network was created by experts from various economic sectors who have had a lot of experience from pharmaceutical, automotive, and commodities industry, Currently the Rateonium component has been established and integrated with system development, Using Blockchain rateonium technology will achieve a very important thing in protecting consumers.

Rateonium system

The appropriate ranking system that will be applied in Rateonium applies to all customer groups. By implementing this system we "members" will connect with the company in a different way that we have not found before. this is their promise "Rateonium". To achieve this goal, as long as the development is carried out there are various requirements that are explored, in addition to the development of these requirements are also used to determine the contents of the system used. if the terms and system in its application are accurate then the company and users will be offered this rating system, which will be able to meet the next need.

The benefits we will get

  • Application

Rateonium has an application system that uses blockchain technology. by using this application we as users will get the highest level of comfort in terms of combining with layer functions.

The Rateonium App is the heart of the Rateonium rating system. In this application, there are all functions including the company rank or the Around Me function. this aims to prevent growth that has been designed previously by the rateonium team. this application can be available for free for all customers in the future.

  • Security

Rateonium will maintain the personal integrity of each user, To realize this they 'Rateonium' has implemented blockchain technology on the systems they have, thus we can conclude that their system will allow users to interact with other users using anonymously. with this, we can have a community that is encrypted and also safe.

  • Authenticity

To determine an authenticity, Team Rateonium did a Verification that was done in a two-way RTO and a Rateonium network center. While submission of reviews can only be done by using verification assistance on-site via the Rateonium card.

  • Application

Since the founding of rateonium, the team has worked around the world to establish a large business network. The Rateonium team currently covers several business industries. They do this aimed at ensuring the highest user application. For the time being, the Team has succeeded in establishing partnerships on two continents which cover several sectors including the gastronomic sector, local and long-distance traffic, the aviation industry, blockchain-based projects, the automotive industry and the travel and hotel industry. This is something extraordinary.

  • Helpful

The Rateonium team carries out the process of collecting consumer data using qualitative methods and individuals, this data collection is done for the purpose of the company.

Rateonium will offer each user an experience in modern purchases by using an application that has been supported by a metadata system that avoids misuse and fraud.

important benefits that need to be known by each user, namely, Every user can make improvements to products and services of certain companies using token Rateonium. here I include the example that I took from this page.
Free upgrades from travel providers such as all-inclusive services, additional candle dinners, additional wine tasting, or gift baskets. Various additional awards from restaurant owners: desserts with purchased food or large, not small drinks.

  • Trust

To maintain trust, they "Tim rateonium," said that the information needed must be available using an impartial system, which consists of real customer ratings. For this reason, they have chosen an application that is in accordance with the customer's point of view recommended to other customers. Thus the customer base of the company is based on the identification of customers with the company and its performance.

ICO Timeline

Total Token
Pre sale
19,500,000 RTC
0.000091 ETH
! Sale
129,999.999 RTC
0,000109 ETH
2 Sale
445.714.297 RTC
0,000127 ETH
3 Sale
19.500.000 RTC
0,000145 ETH
4 Sale
9.500.000 RTC
0,000163 ETH
5 Sale
31.200.000 RTC
0,000182 ETH

Token Distribution

Token sale event
83 %
Strategi partners
7 %
10 %

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