LECTRO : Ease in buying and selling electricity

About Lectro

Lectro is a revolutionary energy technology service. By utilizing blockchain technology, Team Lectro will develop a way for electricity providers and consumers to easily do business. The lectro project is the first step in creating a better electricity network than before. this project will have a positive influence on all humanity in the world, with the nature of the Global project that will have a positive and meaningful influence. and the most important thing is that the electricity network will be smarter, safer and more efficient.

Ways of working

At present the Lectro Team is developing Blockchain software, By using this device every electricity company, consumer and other components in the integrated network can be connected. For you every user can sell or buy electricity without using intermediaries in making transactions. This is an amazing project with this project. You find many things that you haven't found before. besides this project can also unite several aspects of the energy market.


The creation of the Lectro Platform aims to solve important problems that occur in the world energy industry today. The team hopes that with the Blockchain solution that will be applied to the electricity energy industry each user will get stable electricity access. by using this there will be many good things that you will get as users.

Token Lectro

Token Alocation
Future Use
Community Programs

Token for sale
1 ETH = 4000 Lectro
Accepted payment method
Bonus Presale
20 %

Funding Usage
Platform, Product, and Technology/Development
58 %
Network and microgrid development
14 %
Organizational and token generation
8 %
Operational and overhead
9 %
Mobile and desktop development for trading application
11 %


Q3 2018
1.       Crowdfunding
2.       Platform Framework Development
3.       P@P softwere Development

Q4 2018
1.       Application Development
2.       EV charging Software Development
3.       Energy Provider Partnership
Q1 2019
1.       Mobile APP Development
2.       IoT Management software Dev
3.       Desktop Trading Application

Q2 2019
1.       Microgrid Application Testing
2.       Network Applications testing
3.       WholesaleExchange partnership
Q3 2019
1.       Power generation
2.       Network Development
3.       First Microgrid Aplication

Q4 2019
1.       Partner software Development
2.       Microgrid 2-3 Iplemntation
3.       EV Charging Interstate Pilot Project
Q1 2020
1.       Platform Expansion
2.       Commercial Applications Testing
3.       Microgrids 4-5 Implementation

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