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Hashbon Framework - This is a universal platform that functions to create applications or smart contract that are far more effective. This platform runs on existing blockchain: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Monero and more. With this platform allows users to store data or information in several different blockchains simultaneously.
Equally important, this platform will support all the major APIs that are currently available, including Blockcypher, Blocktrail, Blockchain.info etc. So with this we as users will have some information integrated into several Blockchain. the reason the team created this when just using one API alone would create a centralization that would put a high risk on a business.
Because only using one API creates centralization, which implies a high risk for the business.
After the TIM mebuat multi-blockchain framework - They will use it to implement on a business application. With this platform they can create many Blockchain applications that will be used for business. an example of its application is the creation of a digital ecosystem for the relationship between shareholders and public company management. Developing a shared framework with real business applications, will making frameworks easier to claim and useful.

Why do we have to use a framework?

  • Reliability and fault tolerance.

With us using several different blockchains at the same time to save a smart contract it will provide much better accuracy than when we only use one blockchain. The framework will also be a wrapper for simultaneous work with several APIs such as blockcypher, blocktrail, blockchain.info, etc.

  • Comfort

Hashbon Framework Is an interface application between blockchain application with other blockchain. The developer team will receive a universal language for different blockchain programming.

  • Cost-effectiveness

When we use the Blockchain facility there are several Blockchains that have quite high costs. The Hashbon framework intelligently chooses the blockchain at a cheaper price to record current information.

Differences with existing products

Products that already exist today such as Hyperledger, Multichain, Openchain with product products that I have mentioned are suitable for you to use when you want to create your own blockchain, only that the Blockchain has a centralized attachment (works on trusted nodes) or has a risk of attack vulnerability. Such products will not be able to compete with the existing public blockchain like Bitcoin, Litecoin, but Hashbon has something very different, Hashbon will not create a new blockchain but, Hashbon has a function as a universal platform over the popular blockchain that already available. you can see the difference here.

The benefits you will get

For each user will get many things that will help and facilitate you in running your business. You can see what benefits you will get here, so you don't have to hesitate to join this big project.

Token sale

The HASH token is a utility token, which we can use to make payments in building business applications. During ICO 10% of the total number of HASH tokens will be provided. HASH Tasks have compliance with the ERC20 standard - this standard support will provide token compatibility assurance with third party services, and also has ease of integration. Token will be launched after stage 1 is completed, within 14 days. After the ICO is completed, the Team will undergo recording procedures on various exchanges.

Tokens for sale, with bonuses.
150 000 000 HASH
Soft cap:
1 000 000 €
Total number of tokens for ICO
200 000 000 HASH
Hard cap
10 000 000 €
The cost of 1 HASH
0.10 €
Accepted for paymen:

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Distribution of received money

pr And Marketing
Operating Expenses
Network Development
Legal Expenses

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