Elektrominer : Cost-effective mining

Overview of Electrominer

Elektrominer is one of the independent mining platforms, every member who will use this platform will rent a hashing capacity which has the function to mine various kinds of coins/algorithms. This mining platform will have facilities in the form of support from the solar power stations they have 

This platform has been a lot of people who have known Cryptocurrency, they are together towards something much better. all communities take their place in each of the decentralized networks. and now it has been discovered that many cryptocurrency enthusiasts have joined cryptocurrency mining, they are all eager to do this both from businessmen and investors, not individuals. However, the increase in electricity rates, limited house space, and lack of technical skills will cause the mining process to be more problematic and the mining process they do is less profitable. Another thing that is a challenge for a miner is to keep the mining process to be environmentally friendly. While the reality that exists today, most mining facilities are supported by fossil fuel power plants. Let's together realize a mine that is environmentally friendly with Elektrominer. as described above Elektrominer will be supported by the solar power stations they have.

Power Cost Saving Strategy

Nowadays Elektrominer has a solution to reduce electricity usage by using alternative energy sources. However, the team is still looking for solutions to face the challenges in power storage where solar energy is highly considered because PV panels only produce electricity during daylight hours. the only available and affordable solution for mining is to buy electricity from alternative energy networks because currently power storage technology is not yet sufficiently developed to meet the needs of industrial crypto mining.

CLOUD MINING PLATFORM is effective and easy to use

The Cloud Mining Electrominer Platform is a Web Portal all customers can hire Hashing Power for a variety of algorithms, customers can track the status of the mining process, and get support from the Electrominer team. This platform is very easy to use for beginners and efficiently for experienced users.
With this platform you as a member will get various conveniences, here are the things you will get


Every user will get a guaranteed high profit from the mining process that you do because the rental costs that you have to spend are low


Don't let you miss to join and use this platform, because by using this platform you can mine various coins on various algorithms.


Using solar energy will help miners reduce the electricity costs that must be spent and will also help the cost of renting mining equipment.


hashing that is not used will be distributed among active platform users


Electrominer Mobile Data Center Units are designed by talented people from members of the Electrominer Team, including those who are Professional Architects & Engineers who have had a lot of experience in design, construction, and services in developing projects. Mobile Datacenter Units Electrominer Placement is in shipping containers, which will allow high mobility for easy transportation. The maximum power consumption in one unit is estimated to only reach 165 kW per hour, this includes power for mining hardware, cooling, control and security systems. Each unit will use software that can be controlled remotely and monitor the status of all equipment.

How to join Elektrominer mining

  • Buy Token

the first step you have to do is to buy a token, every Token you have will represent the share of available mining capacity and access to the cloud mining platform

  • Get membership

For the second step you must get membership in this platform because membership status to the platform is a prerequisite so you get access to Mining Capacity.

  • Deposit balance

step three You must have BTC on your mining balance. So that you can start the mining process.

  • Start mineralization

step four to start the mining process place an order by setting a hashrate limit and balance limit.

  • Get your benefit

Crypto's latest steps that you have mined will be distributed to your wallet, which you have provided during the registration process.

Speculate Token dan token sale

Total Token Supply: 100,000,000
Available Tokens: 700,000,000
Token Price: 1 ELM = $0.7142
Pre-Sale: August 15th, 2018
Main Sale: September 15th 2018

Bonus Schedule
Pre sale
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
15 August 2018
Main sale 15 Sept 2018
30 %
15 %
10 %
5 %
0 %

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