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Know Terawatt and its mission

Terawatt is a patent pending, renewable energy blockchain startup and the team focuses more on the global monetization and control LED sector. adoption. Terawatt's team will also make DAO Decentralized Autonomous Design Organization, as well as deflation-based Ethereum, private zk-snarks currency for global payments. DAO will be funded and will be used by Utility Companies, LED Sellers, Businesses, token holders, and energy customers around the world. DAOs will act as mutual funds or may be termed decentralized global insurance to ensure Utilities and businesses always have access to the enduring funding that is used to subsidize LED sales to their energy customers or to increase business to LED.


LED incentives
Terawatt Token will act as a reward system for every LED bulb buyer verified by Terawatt process pending patent. this will serve as an incentive for every user to purchase LEDs for home, business, or government use and verify buyers or users via an interface with Terawatt parties.

Data storage
The purchase transaction history of LEDs can be safely stored in the Terawatt ecosystem. This makes it easy for the purchasing entity to come back at tax time and have all Riwyat LED and other Energy Star Rated Purchases provided. for users who want to access the recording again will be in a very low token financing

Community-Based Management
Donated funds can be locked, and the global terawatt community will determine which project projects will be funded and the team will determine how much money the project needs.

terawatt aims to have Masternodes when Ethereum Blockchain makes it possible to implement that. Masternode will be more helpful in improving security as well as decentralizing Terawatt.

DAO Funding

Each participant will add funds to DAO by using a tertiary token. All interested businesses and consumers can also buy LED tokens and participate in DAO. This is not only in the utility provider's only set, all businesses and consumers can also join it. because with this It will help increase the network effect, Law Metcalfe. Currently, the Team has decentralized funds that are getting more and more days as more and more number of token holders join.

Token Specifications

Overall Supply: 100,000,000 LED Token
Supply Circulated: 65,000,000 (This amount will be reduced to 1 Million or less, Over time Terawatt will be mathematically erased because Terawatt team has a continuous coin burning system using algorithm 'then from DAO gain of 50-75% to buy back and burn token every day.
1 Token LED Represents 10,000 Watt potential L.E.D. The use of Electricity and every buyer of a verified LED bulb, will get a LED Token for free. Because 3-5% of Token LEDs are provided and will be provided to every LED bulb buyer over the next 20 years.

The rest of the existing LED Token will be in use to strengthen the fabric of partnership with several parties such as government agencies and initiatives such as the Department of Energy, Global Lighting development, LED retailers such as Amazon, Philips, and General Electric, DAO operations, marketing, law, token participants, , and will also be used to extend to other.

Token contribution

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