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About Dealjoy

Dealjoy is a global cashback that maintains delajoy platform privacy designed as a liaison between fans of online purchases with trade that we like as provide instant crypto cashback. Dealjoy will provide a competitive cashback without compromising the privacy of all users, as they have guidelines for the importance of maintaining privacy in implementing a cashback for the online shopping industry. Dealjoy is an intermediary between the customers and the online merchants and we negotiate there, As a dealjoy member we proceed to trade online using dealjoy platform, and they will give us a commission on purchases we have made without giving any information to third parties. you can join dealjoy here.

How Dealjoy works

The purchases made by Dealjoy members will automatically be tracked, and as commissions each member will get a Token deal, the commission will be given as soon as the vendor confirms the purchase we made.

image above is a transaction system implemented by Dealjoy party.
The following I also include examples of transaction implementation, this example I took from Whitepaper Dealjoy.
Claire needs new headphones and notices that Dealjoy offers 8% cashback on all headphones purchased from AliExpress. She proceeds to AliExpress through a link on Dealjoy and buys the headphones of her choice. After the purchase is completed, Claire returns to Dealjoy and notices that her purchase was registered and promised amount of DEAL tokens have been added to her account.

Token Deal

Every Dealjoy customer will receive a Cashback Token deal, This is a form of appreciation from the Dealjoy team, And this is a unique way of giving a platform-shaped reward. This token you can use to apply your purchase in an integrated Dealshop or pull into your external wallet.
Token DEAL is an ERC 20 standard token applied in the Ethereum network. this platform is chosen with wide adoption, fast transfers, and transactions using a relatively low cost. By using the standard ERC 20 will provide convenience to Token Deal to achieve a high adoption between exchange or community.

Token symbol
Max Total Supply
1,400,000,000 DEAL
Token Standart
ERC 20
Initial rate
1 ETH = 40,000 DEAL
Tokens for sale
980,000,000 DEAL ( 70% )
Soft Cap
$ 1,700,000.00
Hard Cap
$ 8,400,000.00

If you are interested in participating in this project you can visit the website ICOANN Thread 
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Q3 2018
Token sale. Platform development. First exchange listings.

Q4 2018
Dealjoy Beta launch. Merchant onboarding. Mobile App development.
Q1 2019
Global public platform launch. 100+ merchants supported. Mobile Apps Live

Q2 2019
DealShop and DealFeed Live. 500+ merchants supported. Global Promotion.
Q3 2019
Dealjoy Partner program launch. 1000+ merchants supported. Positioning among top cashback providers.

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