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Explanation of Agnum

Agnum is a platform that will invest in the creation of masternode and mining. Co-opens funds received from the method and mining will be distributed to ICO participants, once ICO reaches hard cap. the funds collected from ICO will be distributed to a mine and a creation, then the coin can be converted to ETH, and the ETH will be distributed to ICO participants excluding maintenance costs. after Hardcap is reached the Agnum team will create an ERC20 token built on Ethereum and all ico participants will get the token.

How Agnum works

In fact, it is a good solution for all cryptocurrency investors, by participating in the Agnum investors will avoid overall loss in investing in cryptocurrency. by diversifying investments in several methods, Post Cryptocurrency and some mining, In this way will provide the highest possible to achieve profitability. every Agnum investor will join in a monthly vote that will generate collective decisions on how the portfolio will be distributed. Furthermore, Agnum Platform will take on the role of a portfolio administrator and will take necessary action actions and take operational action in terms of distributing funds to the cryptocurrency method and the contents of the mining Post. of the platform results are based total remuneration among participants.
I have included a diagram to make it easy to understand Agnum working structure.

  • the participants register themselves on the Agnum Platform
  • then the participant sends ETH into the participant's personal Platform Agnum account. after which participants can buy AGN on the platform during ICO or in exchange after ICO.
  • AGNs collected in general AGN will target the pool after participating
  • Voting will be carried out every month to relocate funds that will be invested in masternode postal cryptocurrency and choose cryptocurrency in collective mining.
  • remuneration with certain proportions collected from each of the masternode will be collected in a monthly remuneration pool.
  • at the end of the month, the proportion of those collected will be distributed in a certain proportion to token holders and reserve funds.
  • and each prize token holder can withdraw their token to their external ETH wallet.

ETH Structure Softcap
ETH Structure Hardcap
Masternode / Pos Invesment
75 %
Masternode / Pos Invesment
83 %
Dev Team
15 %
Dev Team
12 %
10 %
5 %

AGN Token allocation structure
Planned Agnum votting pool Structure
Token Hoders
85 %
50 %
Dev Team
10 %
Pos cryptocurrencies
25 %
5 %
Mining Lab
25 %

What is AGN Token?

AGN Token is an ERC20 token that is under the auspices of the Ethereum Blockchain. The number of tokens has a large influence in the monthly voting in the relocation of funds from Crypto folio, besides that the remuneration size is determined by the number of AGN Tokens owned by the participant contained in their Platform Agnum account.

CrowdSale schedule

Private sale has begun



Private Sale

JUL 2018


AUG 2018


AUG 2018


SEP 2018

First monthly report for token holders and new voting (master nodes and altcoins for hold) and internal exchange

OCT 2018

The second report for token holders, if HardCap reached - start building a mining factory

Q4 2018

½ mining factor

Q4 2018
2/2  mining factor

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