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Introduction of  OPP Open Wifi

OPP Open wifi is a community-based service, the goal of the OPP Project is to create a Global access, to make it easier for Smart Phone users to access to the open WIFI hotspot.
In addition to the convenience of OPP, it will also reward each contributor for his willingness to be the target of the project.

OPP Open Wifi Vision

By looking at the number of users smart phone more and more who have reached 2.5 billion and 80% of whom are active in social media.
currently, access to Wifi networks has become a necessity that is quite important for most people, there is often a case where almost 76% of us lose access or the account is blocked by a payment request.
of the 2.5 billion OPP Open Wifi intends to recruit 25 million people to join the OPP open wifi "Hotspot Hosts" community for the next 4 years. To work together to build free access, open and secure a global decentralized WiFi hotspot. this will give many positive impacts to the life of mankind.

How OPP works

For those of you who wish to join as a hotspot, your host is fragrant to register and download the OPP Open Wifi mobile application or request a home/business router on the website that has been provided. for the first 100,000 routers, you will get for free. 
You can specify how much amount of data you will donate then the application will activate the mobile hotspot on your device OPP Open Wifi will be visible to people who want to access to the internet, OPP Open Wifi will be useful for all home users or companies.
if you are interested do not be too long to think. please visit this site to join and get a more detailed explanation.

Get paid from OPP Open Wifi

The way we get paid from our OPP is just enough Enabling our hotspot for one hour, to qualify the payment. We'll get paid for every device we use to contribute with this Global network. The purpose of this payment is done to simply cover all or part of internet supply that we use.
The more we do for this project the more we will get.

Payment system

Each member of the community will receive payment for what they do every day such as sharing data, viewing sponsored messages or sharing posts, each member will receive a payment of an OPP token that has a price of 1 Token = $ 0.40. this payment system will be managed through blockchain self-fulfilling smartchain.

OPP Token

OPP is an ERC20 token that is created to facilitate distribution, this Token uses standard ERC20 to create a token environment that is compatible with the developer. This token is generated on Blockchain Ethereum, which creates a cohesive environment for developers, hotspots and OPP open wifi customers.

Source of income and value Token

OPP Open Wifi Has 3 sources of income

  • Transactional Commission

Each OPP Open Wifi community can redeem their Token via the dashboard, Any exchange transaction through the team dashboard will make a commission of 10% of tokens. this 10% fund will be recycled every year.

  • Affiliate marketing commissions

The dashboard will show links to online retailers, and open wifi OPP allows communities to exchange OPP tokens on sites that are available. and that's where OPP earns affiliate commissions.

  • Advertising revenue

each hotspot host will choose the number of advertising frequencies. this advertising will take the form of a Push notification, in addition to the host of this ad will appear to those who connect their device to the hotspot. The revenue from this ad is a considerable income, which has an estimated $ 170 million per year. this revenue will be used as operational from OPP Open Wifi.


May 2018
 Launch Website ITO/ICO Registration Launch marketing

June 2018
Open VIP and Founders token sale Establish Telegram community Expand existing social community Engage PR Announce Advisor team Launch GitHub Publish smart contract address Share details of prototype
July 2018
Pre - sale Launch Reddit Launch Digital Marketing campaign Launch bounty program

August 2018
Public Sale Register with exchanges Beta test Smartphone App Develop Dashboard functionality Establish contact with advertisers
September 2018
 Conclusion of public sale Token distribution to investors Launch Smartphone App Despatch routers Beta test affiliate retail links

October 2018
Launch dashboard Expand team to handle increased traffic from Hotspot Hosts Finalise deals with affiliate partners Establish deals with advertisers for push notifications Start Hotspot Host referral program Initiate marketing activity to recruit Hotspot Hosts
November / December 2018
100,000 Hotspot hosts Launch online retail experience Full functionality of dashboard Expand digital marketing

1st Quarter 2019
Launch OPP credit card 250,000 Hotspot Hosts Quick exchange functionality added to Dashboard Further team expansion to support Hotspot Host community Continued Marketing to reach more Hotspot Hosts

For the next information or join ICO visit this page

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