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Get to know ZIXX COIN

Now comes a third generation cryptocurrency and can be called with the generation of the premium coin has a ZIXX name, to meet this standalone coin offers some convenience for every user of the secure transactions, instant, and personal. Yg no less interesting Benefits including the benefits high enough, charity projects, maximum low coin supply, low emission rate and full-time team.

Each holder of the Zixx masternode will get a reward of 80%. The demand is also high, even pre-launch auctions have attracted the attention of many.

the purpose of the life of human beings is enormous and among the purpose of life is to give to help one another, in addition, we have the ethos to support the wider community. to facilitate that goal Zixx has provided a number of exclusive nodes that generate prizes for charity projects.

To avoid the volatility of the Zixx coin specification is carefully regulated and Zixx coin offers rewards for all investors.

the dev team of zixx coin provides high-quality products and experience to achieve Zixx coin dev team has been fully dedicated. many cryptocurrency users assume its use is complicated, but not with Zixx, anyone can run the masternode of this coin.

So why should we hesitate to join this community, let us download our wallets, get involved, and we will get results.

Charity Project

As previously mentioned, the project runs in the field of charity. Every member of the Zixx coin can volunteer for charity and they will be registered to receive the award. In each quarter, All Masternode holders can manage their own way of allocating charity funds. With the aim to run the self-fund, which will start with four nodes. within four months the target of the achievement of a charity must have exceeded 15, at which point the proposition and voting begin. To all who want to do charity can contact zixx coin through the Discord community.

Convenience available

Anyone who has no experience in coding will have difficulty managing and running the masternode, but in zixx coin we will not have that difficulty. Why is that ? the answer is because the zixx coin team has provided a simple platform that makes it easy for us to run it. Although a simple team of Zixx coin developers has built a very solid technology under the hood. so we do not have to worry about meeting difficult.


Coins per node
1,000 XZX
Coins per block
Coin distribution
80 / 10 / 10
Maximum coin supply
22 million coins
Coin emission
~ 100k per month
Neoscrypt (ASIC resistant)
lock time
2 minutes per block
Block reduction
10% p.a. until 1 XZX per block (~ 16 years)

ZIXXCOIN Distribution System


To join you can visit this page

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