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Overview of BITTECH:

BITTECH is a technological company that has a great mission that we need to appreciate, the purpose of this company is to create a cryptocurrency miner in a legal way, easy to use and can rely on making money. The production system will run on a customized ASIC chip architecture has built this system on 10 and 14 nm technological processes and developed software for processed mining. This project runs on some very brilliant ideas here is an idea they describe:

  • The cryptocurrency mining process runs with basic algorithms, such as SHA25 and Script, on modern chips, will save energy, 10-14nm.
  • Build a cryptocurrency data center located in several places in Canada, Iceland, Estonia and Russia, and in each place has a capacity of up to 7/000 miners.
here I include some facts about the success of BITTECH:

Founded in 2017

Headquarters based in Hong Kong

18 full-time employees

The ASIC chip is developed for the SHA-256 algorithm on the technological process of 10 and 14nm of BT00 series

Bittech One cryptocurrency miner has been serially produced since 2018

The construction of a data center was begun in the Irkutsk region, Russia, with a total capacity of 21MW for 9,000 miners. The launch is scheduled for September 2018.

For those of you interested in joining this project you can invest in ICO. Funds collected from the ico program will be used for the development of new products of cryptocurrency miners, and in use To build three other data centers planned to be built in Canada, Iceland, and Estonia. 

  1. Features provided 

  1. Chip BT0014 14nm was developed for the SHA-256 algorithm, which has performance and energy efficiency enhanced up to 20-25% better than its 16nm chip.
  2. The 10nm BT0010a chip was developed for the SHA-256 algorithm, with chip performance improved by 7% over Bt0014.
  3. The 10nm BT0010La chip was developed for the Scrypt algorithm, whose performance is 15-20% higher than the competitors’, and the energy efficiency was improved by 5-7 %.
  4. Serial production of the BITTECH One miner for the SHA-256 algorithm on BT0014 chips was launched, with a 28Th/s capacity, and consumption of only 2,200W.
  5. The prototype of the BITTECH One S miner for the SHA-256 algorithm on BT0010a chips was launched, with 36Th/s capacity and consumption of only 2,800W.
  6. Construction of a data center a total capacity of 21MW was begun. in Russia, Irkutsk region, with.

Bittech Token

Since 2017 the company BITTECh has developed mining as well as providing affordable global services. In the first quarter of 2018 the BITTECH team has released bittech one, Bittech one release after miners invest more than $ 2 million. With the inclusion of ICO will help present this project to the Global market, as well as to find new partners and customers.

Benefits for Bittech One Token Investors

Investors can use their tokens for the following purposes :
  1. Investors will get a discount on the purchase of service contracts.
  2. purchase of Bittech One miners (and other future models) with a discount
  3. purchase of Bittech Big One mobile DPC


Q1-Q3 2017
Creation of BITTECH, development of hardware and software solutions
Q3 2017
A prototype of Bittech One miner
Q1 2018
Serial production of Bittech One (14nm)
Q2 2018
A prototype of Bittech L-One (Script, 10nm)
Q3 2018
The opening of DPC in Russia
Q4 2018
A prototype of Bittech One S (10nm chips)
Q4 2018
Serial production of Bittech L-One miner (Scrypt, 10nm)
Q1-Q2 2019
An opening of DPCs in Estonia and Canada
Q3-Q4 2019
An opening of DPC in Iceland


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