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Introduction Send
Send SDT is a new token deliberately created to answer 3 major challenges in today's cryptocurrency world: volatility, speculation, and friendliness less than the users. The SDT token addresses these three things through a price consensus process that keeps the price stable as demand and the volume of transactions rises within the Consensus Send Network. Send has a purpose for SDT token becomes an account of the future, serving the security of public assets with medium security to save prices and exchange of currency.

Delivery method for token assessment
  •  Liquidity discovery mechanism

This is a way to find a stable price, based on Transaction Transaction Submit Consensus Network growth as well as its liquidity indicators
  • Consensus Network

SDT is one of the liquidity in the network of liquidity providers and the value of SDT represents reference prices that can be exchanged using a consensus period. The Send Consensus Network consists of markets that have been recognized by many, related financial systems, as well as recognizable applications reference price as the minimum SDT surcharges and bids. Prices are set for all consensus periods adjusted within 7 calendar days, starting every Monday at 00.00 EST and finished on Sunday at 23:59 EST in each week. Members of the Consensus Send Network will receive tokens from a pool of funds available to all third-party participants.

  • Consensus price

Consensus prices are calculated on the basis of logarithmic functions as well as measuring the liquidity of the network, to determine the weight of any price change, this is calculated based on the constant market capitalization constant. The actual trading price assumption is above the consensus price, we have established this has been set at the midpoint between the previous consensus price and the average measured trading price as the maximum possible increase; In this way it will never set the price of a more rising consensus equal to the actually received price or the same price as received in advance.


wesend is a p2p money exchange network, which you can use the SDT you have in exchange for storing, exchanging and transferring, this will make it easier for you to transact. here you do not take long in transferring your money anytime and anywhere you make a transaction.

Token Distribution

  • Total token supply: 700,000,000 SDT
  • Public distribution limit: 231,000,000 SDT
 Distribution Stage I - Pre-sale 
  • Cap: up to 70,000,000 SDT 
  • Timeframe: Runs on Q2 2018 
  • Price: Tokens sold at a fixed price 0.14 USD/SDT + F&F bonuses 
  • Vesting: 3-month vesting. 
  • Coins accepted: Ethereum (ETH) 
  • Unsold tokens burned
Distribution Stage II - continuous bidding
  • Cap: 161,000,000 SDT 
  • Timeframe: Runs for 365 days, starting on Q2 2018 
  • Price: Dynamic; starts 0.20 USD/SDT and sold at SDT Consensus Price Formula 
  • Vesting: New token pool vests every day (441095.89 SDT/day) 
  • Coins accepted: Ethereum (ETH) 
  • Unsold tokens will be burned at the end of each day (23:59:59 EST) Remaining tokens will follow the vesting model outlined below: 
  • WeSend Foundation: 7 year, linear vesting. 
  • WeSend Corporation: 7 year, linear vesting. 
  • Team: 4 years, linear vesting. 
  • Advisors: 3 months, linear vesting
Send Protocol Roadmap 2017

SDT Distribution Roadmap

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