Trimpo Blockchain-based ecosystem

What is Trimpo ?

Trimpo ecosystem, a function for free scale commerce e-commerce to another level. Trimpo will get this to fortify the corporate community and users with the help of how to give them the necessary tools, the news stream and with the platform. This and that guide Streams can be enveloped with the help of blockchain technology to ensure transparency and confidence among all the events involved.Trimpo is ready to give traders the option: the option to register internationally and the local market is as effective as Trimpo's own market. Trimpo added opportunities for service providers to find proficiency in service providers; and event for users to consciously and reliably what they want
with global global costs. Passing the information is the good, safe and most suitable selection.

Trimpo user service

Everything traders have to jump promoting on world’s largest marketplaces Integration with social networking sites and messengers For suppliers: opportunities to promote their merchandise to users immediately or by means of traders at Trimpo Blockchain-based Trimpo marketplace, the place users from throughout the globe can purchase merchandise at tremendously decrease costs due to the low commission. One-click integration with Trimpo for important Content Management Systems "CMS"
Data export for CPC/PPC ad networks. Trimpo Big Data with analytics on e-commerce, ranging from developments to exact suggestions for the complete spectrum of agencies in online commerce

Trimpo Main Features

  • It is the in simple terms token or virtual unit that could be bought throughout the Token Sale.
  • Created for equally outside and inside transactions made by means of way of clients of Trimpo’s ecosystem.
  • The in simple terms cost technique for Trimpo’s commission.
  • One of the cost ways for purchases made on Trimpo Marketplace and for buyer loyalty program.
  • Will be integrated into Trimpo’s ecosystem to the fullest to guarantee its maximum utilization and turnover.
Trimpo’s ecosystem creates 3 levels of utilization and turnover for Token Trimpo:
  1. For merchants.
  2. Marketplace Trimpo - for clients and merchants.
  3. For suppliers.
Explanation of Trimpot Token Circulation and benefits to increase the Trimpot Token level

Increase in the call for Trimpo tokens could be ensured by merchants’ need to pay for Trimpo’s providers and commission for gross income made on Trimpo Marketplace. On one hand, that provides the token holders the opportunity to depart the undertaking after promoting their tokens, but this has sure implications on market worth of the token because the in simple terms dealers of tokens are the holders.

Value of Trimpo tokens, like several different currencies, could be described by the willingness and skill to get hold of Trimpo tokens as fee for merchants’ products and services. The secure call for Trimpo tokens can permit them to be used on third-party platforms. Presumably, partnership tasks (delivery providers, advertisement, and content material providers, etc. will make bills in Trimpo tokens, benefiting from the velocity and transparency of transactions.

Value of Trimpo token is majorly tied to Trimpo’s platform commerce turnover, and to total pattern of Trimpo Ecosystem for customers, traders, and suppliers.

All invoices for providers rendered by Trimpo and commission for purchases made on Trimpo Marketplace are to be paid in Trimpo tokens, and so they can only be bought from the token holders on change platforms, which ultimately will increase the call for Trimpo tokens.

It is foremost to note, that the phrases and charges of Trimpo Ecosystem are flexible, and in case of the growth within the worth of Trimpo token the quantities will be calculated accordingly to spot charge of the token.

Trimpo isn't planning to impact common purchases and gross income of tokens, leaving the preferential proper of promoting tokens to its holders. Trimpo Fund could be steadily replenished via merchants’ bills and commission fees; however, received tokens won't be bought on exchanges. Their destiny utilization could be decided based on project’s pattern throughout the primary few years.

Token Sale

sales goals :

  • Raising money for the development
  • Raising money for neighborhood expansion of the undertaking and promotion of the platform
  • Launching Trimpo token for investors and system’s users

Trimpo Token
500 000 000 tokens
Starting price of
1 Trimpo token = 1/400 ETH
Minimum purchase amount
1 token or 0,0025 ETH
Token Type: 
From: 15.05.2018
Until: 12.06.2018
Soft Cap
2000 ETH 
5000 ETH

from 22.06.2018 
until 31.08.2018
Soft Cap
30 000 ETH
Hard Cap
125 000 ETH 

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