The IAME Identification Network is a Decentralised Identification System objective constructed for the Blockchain Ecosystem.
IAME depends on its proprietary fragmented identification algorithm whereby id files are fragmented into hundreds of unintelligible pieces, and the validation activity is crowdsourced to hundred of hundreds of people. With IAME, rate of identification is lowered to a fraction and fallout from safety breaches are lowered to nothing.

The IAM Token

In order for the IAME Identification Network to work, we can issue a functional token, because IAM
Token, which might function as a validation token to begin confirmation requests for validation
packets at the IAME Identification Network. Parties might spend the token by the IAME
Identification Network shopper and after deduction of an identical blockchain hashing costs, the
balance of IAM token might be paid out as present to third-party validators who function the
validation processes on a for-profit basis.
This might attribute no longer a shop of price to the token but a market price primarily founded on natural
demand and offer for id processes. The price of the IAM Token might be, in
essence, located by 2 factors:
  • The expense of validation, which might be proportional to the monetary expense ofhashing the asked quantity of information at the certain blockchain, putting aprice ground for the token
  • Market demand, which might be proportional to the call for for blockchainidentification primarily founded at the IAME Identification NetworkBecause of the the ephemeral facet of information validation within the subject of identification, marketdemand might stay ordinary and might simply boom with an larger adoption of theIAME Identification Network.

The IAME manner – decentralised fragmented identification

Decentralised fragmented identification is very nearly a technique that reinvents the complete identification process. By transferring the identification course of from wholly to fragmented systems,  transactional events can now validate their blockchain tackle with out having to belief the different transactional events with their non-essential touchy information.

With DFI, the guide shared in those transactions is rendered worthless, in view that it's first fragmented after which distributed amongst a collection of independent third-parties, who usually aren't affiliated to any events working as members of the transaction. This community of third-party validators are assigned the course of of confirming and verifying the validity of every of those fractured items of private data, which via way of themselves are lifeless to malicious parties. The compilation of those fragments might constitute a legitimate identification to the transactional counterparty, thereby verifying the identification of initiating party. Given this course of of fragmentation and validation via way of third-parties, the complete desire for transactional events having to course of or shop non-essential news might be eradicated.

Given the desire for a non-invasive identification gadget for decentralised blockchain technology, the IAME Identification Network’s utilisation of decentralised fragmented identification technology can be the bridge that hyperlinks blockchain technology to the regulated world.


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