A First ever commodity - crypto substitute nicely designed via merchants for traders.
Digital Ticks Exchange (DTx) shouldn't be one other crypto to crypto substitute but is
also a semi-algorithm platform carrier in its own. DTx plans to cater to all types
of crypto belongings as nicely as commodity to crypto assets. DTx may perhaps be power
packed via much of developed positive factors adding all of the primary positive factors of an
exchange required via a newbie dealer to a pro dealer as nicely as for a high
frequency trader. In phrases of safety DTx is taking more precautionary measures
to keep away from any variety of hacks like DDoS attacks, phishing makes an attempt and via also
performing vulnerability exams and penetration testing. DTx has installed
robust technologies behind the scene that might deal with heavy volatility of the
crypto markets as nicely as commodity markets which may deal with upto 1,000,000
orders per second. Traders The fundamental and integral aspect of crypto exchange. Digital Ticks has long gone a step forward to grow a extra consumer friendly, featured pack, ultra-low latency crypto change with tough technology for offering ease of trading.


          Blockchains are safe via layout and are an instance of a distributed computing
system with excessive fault tolerance. Decentralized consensus has hence been
achieved with a blockchain. This makes blockchains in all likelihood desirable for the
recording of events, scientific records, and different data management activities,
such as id management, transaction processing, documenting provenance,
food traceability or voting.

Benefits of Blockchain Technology
  • Decentralization
  • Transparency and trust
  • Immutability
  • High availability
  • Highly secure
  • Simplification of latest paradigms
  • Faster dealings
  • Cost saving
  • Peer-to-peer international transactions


A.Features – (To be rolled out on platform in following order)
  1. Crypto- Crypto Currency Pair
  2. Commodity- Crypto Pair
  3. Spot Trading
  4. Futures
  5. Algorithms & High Frequency trading
  6. Decentralized (on-chain) exchange
  7. Much extra for ease of doing trading…

B. Trading Coins / Commodities
Digital Ticks Exchange could aid following buying and selling cash / commodities:
  1. BTC
  2. ETH
  3. LTC
  4. NEO
  5. DTx
  6. GOLD

More buying and selling pairs could be extra over a interval of time as per the call for of
the buying and selling community. If you want to checklist a coin or any different financial
instrument on Digital Ticks Exchange in future, participation in token sale will


        DTx token could be accessible for acquire to public. DTx Token is an UTILITY Token. A strict
limit of 128 MM DTx tokens may be created, by no means to be increased. DTx token may be a
ERC20 compatible token and constructed on Ethereum blockchain technology.


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