Crptobank asset security solution

Cryptobank is a global payment system that embraces Blockchain technology and the global payment system is decentralized and includes it Cryptoyuan cryptodollar Cryptoeuro cryptoruble and many other Currencies. and it is this that unites all the professional traders, it is also a solution to avoid the risk of volatility that occurs on a single platform, this is a good thing for companies or individuals who want to use cryptocurrency. this happens based on cryptocurrency Bitcoin. so for what we think twice let's join Cryptobank and enjoy all its features.

Tech stacks and workings of Cryptobank

Each issued CryptoBank coin is backed up in the same amount, at one to one with fiat foreign currency related USD, EUR, RUR, CNY, stored in CryptoBank reserves. A group of independent consultants and analysts CryptoBank acts as the third social gathering to blame for defending the asset. Decision-making, a likely major task for CryptoBank's solid operations, adds hiring consultants and recent analysts guilty to CryptoBank assets and the decision to determine additional trend trends in different missions or points will be made through consensus within networks within independent and democratic voting tasks from the owner of CBMT. In order to have the right decision to make an organizational survey that is comparable to the CryptoBank system trends, the investor must have no less than 0.1 CryptoBank Master Token. We agree that this application is not fully decentralized, but this danger is ultimately mitigated by the modified bitcoin model of the code supply center 0.12, which hands over all programming degrees using controls, in general, simplifies the task of auditing the supply code for the safety and transparency of CryptoBank's actions. At the same time, independent teams, those who are guilty of being stable managing the CryptoBank property continually examines market evaluations and community dynamics, and calls CryptoBank among companies and individuals, the dynamics of increasing the quantity of transactions, controlling inflation, and, if necessary, making decisions on other cryptocurrency assistance related to the national currency, for example , Japan, South Korea, Switzerland or any currency of another country which the independent maven group considers necessary to issue, and, of course, if the currency is received in the CryptoBank Master Token house voting. Thus, the network itself controls all processes within the CryptoBank brand and makes a decision through the voting of the holders of CBMT. CBMT tokens can be purchased at cryptocurrency exchanges and personal services. The owner of the CryptoBank Master Token home will now not succeed to act against CryptoBank's interests because each holder of CBMT is guaranteed a percentage of earnings from Cryptobank, calculated on the last day of every month. "1 CBMT = 0.1% of platform revenue".

Creation of cryptobank by combining the best financial technology

Blockchain Technology
Cryptobank is built on the basis of open source code, this will ensure the security in transacting and transparency in transactions that have been available thanks to blockchain and crypto currency. 
Currency Stability
CB is used when converting traditional currencies into digital currencies, this is done in order to keep their value with various national currencies such as Dollar, Euro, Yuan, Ruble. Then the assets in accordance with the national currency are CBD, CBE, CBY, and CBR.
We will guarantee the stability of the exchange rate of any currency from Cryptobank, because the escrow system and the receivable funds received from the clients in the Cryptobank ticker trade 1 CBD equivalent to 1 USD and so is the other currency..
With the integrity that has been applied by cryptobank allows the cryptobank to interact with many parties from traditional financial institutions, as well as various platforms, and exchange cryptocurrency. and this will provide convenience to cryptobank.
Versatile Transparent 
 Any transaction done by cryptobank can be monitored by many parties including investors and auditors so every transaction that happens is very tightly monitored. This implementation is done so that there is no inaccuracies in the transaction, everyone can see all the transactions in BlockExplorer to audit the cryptobank blockchain.
Ensure 100% Safety and Security
By using cryptobank you can easily transfer your assets between the Exchange, wallet, user interface, or even use a debit card. this is a new way of interbank arbitration in which the asset holders are the main guardians. 

I think the above information is enough for potential investors to join cryptobank, to get more details you can visit this page:

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