Crptobank asset security solution

Cryptobank is a global payment system that embraces Blockchain technology and the global payment system is decentralized and includes it Cryptoyuan cryptodollar Cryptoeuro cryptoruble and many other Currencies. and it is this that unites all the professional traders, it is also a solution to avoid the risk of volatility that occurs on a single platform, this is a good thing for companies or individuals who want to use cryptocurrency. this happens based on cryptocurrency Bitcoin. so for what we think twice let's join Cryptobank and enjoy all its features.

Tech stacks and workings of Cryptobank

Each issued CryptoBank coin is backed up in the same amount, at one to one with fiat foreign currency related USD, EUR, RUR, CNY, stored in CryptoBank reserves. A group of independent consultants and analysts CryptoBank acts as the third social gathering to blame for defending the asset. Decision-making, a likely major task for CryptoBank's solid operations, adds hiring consultants and recent analysts guilty to CryptoBank assets and the decision to determine additional trend trends in different missions or points will be made through consensus within networks within independent and democratic voting tasks from the owner of CBMT. In order to have the right decision to make an organizational survey that is comparable to the CryptoBank system trends, the investor must have no less than 0.1 CryptoBank Master Token. We agree that this application is not fully decentralized, but this danger is ultimately mitigated by the modified bitcoin model of the code supply center 0.12, which hands over all programming degrees using controls, in general, simplifies the task of auditing the supply code for the safety and transparency of CryptoBank's actions. At the same time, independent teams, those who are guilty of being stable managing the CryptoBank property continually examines market evaluations and community dynamics, and calls CryptoBank among companies and individuals, the dynamics of increasing the quantity of transactions, controlling inflation, and, if necessary, making decisions on other cryptocurrency assistance related to the national currency, for example , Japan, South Korea, Switzerland or any currency of another country which the independent maven group considers necessary to issue, and, of course, if the currency is received in the CryptoBank Master Token house voting. Thus, the network itself controls all processes within the CryptoBank brand and makes a decision through the voting of the holders of CBMT. CBMT tokens can be purchased at cryptocurrency exchanges and personal services. The owner of the CryptoBank Master Token home will now not succeed to act against CryptoBank's interests because each holder of CBMT is guaranteed a percentage of earnings from Cryptobank, calculated on the last day of every month. "1 CBMT = 0.1% of platform revenue".

Creation of cryptobank by combining the best financial technology

Blockchain Technology
Cryptobank is built on the basis of open source code, this will ensure the security in transacting and transparency in transactions that have been available thanks to blockchain and crypto currency. 
Currency Stability
CB is used when converting traditional currencies into digital currencies, this is done in order to keep their value with various national currencies such as Dollar, Euro, Yuan, Ruble. Then the assets in accordance with the national currency are CBD, CBE, CBY, and CBR.
We will guarantee the stability of the exchange rate of any currency from Cryptobank, because the escrow system and the receivable funds received from the clients in the Cryptobank ticker trade 1 CBD equivalent to 1 USD and so is the other currency..
With the integrity that has been applied by cryptobank allows the cryptobank to interact with many parties from traditional financial institutions, as well as various platforms, and exchange cryptocurrency. and this will provide convenience to cryptobank.
Versatile Transparent 
 Any transaction done by cryptobank can be monitored by many parties including investors and auditors so every transaction that happens is very tightly monitored. This implementation is done so that there is no inaccuracies in the transaction, everyone can see all the transactions in BlockExplorer to audit the cryptobank blockchain.
Ensure 100% Safety and Security
By using cryptobank you can easily transfer your assets between the Exchange, wallet, user interface, or even use a debit card. this is a new way of interbank arbitration in which the asset holders are the main guardians. 

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Trimpo Blockchain-based ecosystem

What is Trimpo ?

Trimpo ecosystem, a function for free scale commerce e-commerce to another level. Trimpo will get this to fortify the corporate community and users with the help of how to give them the necessary tools, the news stream and with the platform. This and that guide Streams can be enveloped with the help of blockchain technology to ensure transparency and confidence among all the events involved.Trimpo is ready to give traders the option: the option to register internationally and the local market is as effective as Trimpo's own market. Trimpo added opportunities for service providers to find proficiency in service providers; and event for users to consciously and reliably what they want
with global global costs. Passing the information is the good, safe and most suitable selection.

Trimpo user service

Everything traders have to jump promoting on world’s largest marketplaces Integration with social networking sites and messengers For suppliers: opportunities to promote their merchandise to users immediately or by means of traders at Trimpo Blockchain-based Trimpo marketplace, the place users from throughout the globe can purchase merchandise at tremendously decrease costs due to the low commission. One-click integration with Trimpo for important Content Management Systems "CMS"
Data export for CPC/PPC ad networks. Trimpo Big Data with analytics on e-commerce, ranging from developments to exact suggestions for the complete spectrum of agencies in online commerce

Trimpo Main Features

  • It is the in simple terms token or virtual unit that could be bought throughout the Token Sale.
  • Created for equally outside and inside transactions made by means of way of clients of Trimpo’s ecosystem.
  • The in simple terms cost technique for Trimpo’s commission.
  • One of the cost ways for purchases made on Trimpo Marketplace and for buyer loyalty program.
  • Will be integrated into Trimpo’s ecosystem to the fullest to guarantee its maximum utilization and turnover.
Trimpo’s ecosystem creates 3 levels of utilization and turnover for Token Trimpo:
  1. For merchants.
  2. Marketplace Trimpo - for clients and merchants.
  3. For suppliers.
Explanation of Trimpot Token Circulation and benefits to increase the Trimpot Token level

Increase in the call for Trimpo tokens could be ensured by merchants’ need to pay for Trimpo’s providers and commission for gross income made on Trimpo Marketplace. On one hand, that provides the token holders the opportunity to depart the undertaking after promoting their tokens, but this has sure implications on market worth of the token because the in simple terms dealers of tokens are the holders.

Value of Trimpo tokens, like several different currencies, could be described by the willingness and skill to get hold of Trimpo tokens as fee for merchants’ products and services. The secure call for Trimpo tokens can permit them to be used on third-party platforms. Presumably, partnership tasks (delivery providers, advertisement, and content material providers, etc. will make bills in Trimpo tokens, benefiting from the velocity and transparency of transactions.

Value of Trimpo token is majorly tied to Trimpo’s platform commerce turnover, and to total pattern of Trimpo Ecosystem for customers, traders, and suppliers.

All invoices for providers rendered by Trimpo and commission for purchases made on Trimpo Marketplace are to be paid in Trimpo tokens, and so they can only be bought from the token holders on change platforms, which ultimately will increase the call for Trimpo tokens.

It is foremost to note, that the phrases and charges of Trimpo Ecosystem are flexible, and in case of the growth within the worth of Trimpo token the quantities will be calculated accordingly to spot charge of the token.

Trimpo isn't planning to impact common purchases and gross income of tokens, leaving the preferential proper of promoting tokens to its holders. Trimpo Fund could be steadily replenished via merchants’ bills and commission fees; however, received tokens won't be bought on exchanges. Their destiny utilization could be decided based on project’s pattern throughout the primary few years.

Token Sale

sales goals :

  • Raising money for the development
  • Raising money for neighborhood expansion of the undertaking and promotion of the platform
  • Launching Trimpo token for investors and system’s users

Trimpo Token
500 000 000 tokens
Starting price of
1 Trimpo token = 1/400 ETH
Minimum purchase amount
1 token or 0,0025 ETH
Token Type: 
From: 15.05.2018
Until: 12.06.2018
Soft Cap
2000 ETH 
5000 ETH

from 22.06.2018 
until 31.08.2018
Soft Cap
30 000 ETH
Hard Cap
125 000 ETH 

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HexCash is a completely Decentralized Crypto Fund Management Program.
HexCash solves the reliability gap that has erupted between Investors and Funds
Program Management.
Built with Ethereum Blockchain System base: HexCash built in & hosted with Ethereum
Blockchain system, industry standard across all Cryptocurrency based Finance
which ensures the unprecedented safety of your funds invested with HexCash.
ERC20 Token Standard: ERC20 is the standard token for smart contracts considered
Intelligent Contract based on hold Reward System & Crypto Exchange: HexCash Fund
Token on the public Blockchain System.
The Management System is programmed to give you an advantage when you use HexCash
Competitive Advantage of Fraud & Outbound Fraud Most Crypto Fund Management Programs make high claims on returns but are combined in Ponzi type scheme. Which funds grow in numbers but also the withdrawal takes place in the form of a Coin Offer Promoter Program or a closed promoter drop the funds completely EXIT FROM FRAUD and your investment finally ends zero. The central concept of decentralized foreign money has been defeated by pioneers industry through a central Ponzi scheme. True Transparency Without Decentralization & Unparalleled During the HexCash trend, we ensure no central purpose has been used for fund management. ERC20 empowered by Ethereum allows us to make this possible. The funds saved in the HexCash gadget remain under your manipulation as per your important starting contract during purchase.


When privacy is mentioned in connection with Cryptocurrency, that possibility
anonymity meant instead. Delivery of tokens from one wallet to another via wallet
blockchain is considered SECRET because your personal information is not sent during the transaction. However, the fact that the transaction has been made makes the transaction
own Public but without any identifiers. Due to the transparency required for most Cryptocurrency blockchain, information about all transactions in it can be tracked where it is available to the public online.
Another thing is many HYIP sites will do their Exit Strategy by claiming they have been hacked. we spend a lot of money to ensure the integrity of our site and we have worked with trusted people to find vulnerabilities on our site and we are proud to say our site is as safe as possible. We will also operate with hot and cold wallets to ensure the majority of money is unsecured multi-sig cold investors
wallet must have attack happened. 2FA will be required for our users.
We also respect user privacy, the only identifying information we will receive from you
be your wallet address and email address, keep in mind that if you took part in the referral
a program, there may be other users who have access to your email address so it is strongly advised to use a separate or specific email address for not only this site but most Crypto sites.
Our site will store cookies and may record your IP as part of our anti-fraud procedures, but none other than those mentioned above, there is no identifying information about you which will be held by us, however, by saying that you need to make sure you have secured both your site's password, yours
the email address used to register and your wallet should be encrypted and backed up, us
is not responsible for your failure to take standard security measures when it arrives
to Cryptocurrency.
You can read more in our "Terms and Conditions" which will be required to be read before
join the site.


Pre-Sales will occur on May 5, 2018. This may run for 7 days and the price is $ 0.25 per HEX
token. During Pre Sale investors can buy HEX tokens at minimal cost and take advantage
initial level of investment. After Pre-Sale there may be 6 rounds for Crowd Sale. Every round and run for 5 days. During the Crowd Sale charge, it may be $ 0.50 to $ 1.00 until it stops ICO. Here
is the ICO schedule.

$ 0,25
$ 0,5
$ 0,6
$ 0,7
$ 0,8
$ 0,9

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Bonus will be given to every diligent member in promotion to introduce HEXCASH to the
 world. Affiliate bonus can be obtained by the member method must purchase token.
There are five referral bonus ranges. We invite global leaders to take part in HEXCASH
referral software to get a side on different investors. This is a chance to earn more money
brought by HEXCASH. Every registered consumer can take part in the program. Once inside
dashboard customers can see the referral phase where consumers can get their affiliate URL. If it's a user
signed as much HEXCASH using the referral URL, then the owner of the URL is entitled to a 7% bonus directly

About HEXCASH Tokens

ERC 20
$ 0,25 TO $ 1,00
30 DAY

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            Real property transactions could be a few of probably probably the foremost complex and burdensome undertakings
many folks ever take part in. Even the least difficult lease agreement is not often totally understood
by the events signing it. Additionally, enforcing the phrases of those contracts can take
significant time and attempt on equally sides, landlord and tenant. Many landlords waste countless
hours of their makes an attempt to gather hire bills from their tenants and terminating the
tenancies of those who're not able to pay, and lots of tenants have problem recovering security
deposits or compelling landlords to do maintenance in a fair timeframe or otherwise abide
by their different obligations underneath the law and the phrases of their leases.
SMARTRealty believes a lot of those issues could be solved, or a minimum of significantly
reduced, with the aid of way of utilizing clever contract technology to the actual property gross income and condo market.
No you will deny that a virtual revolution of a few variety is recently taking place. This is
creating a vast probability to swap the method we transact, rather on a person-to-person
basis. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and SMARTRealty tokens are in a prime
SMARTRealty Executes Deal and Closing contract
After payment is complete or no variables are approved, the contract will be executed and, after expiry, the transaction is completed. After expiration, the archiving may be performed or, if the apartment agreement, the lease may be terminated and the deposit \ is returned in accordance with the terms of the agreement. Contracts can also be set to update automatically, if necessary, or new phrases can be negotiated and new contracts executed, if there is an agreement.position to remodel the method we transact with one another, and clever contract technology
can rework the method we checklist and implement contracts and agreements, chopping the need
for lengthy drawn out courtroom battles and dispute solution processes.

The SMARTRealty machine has three predominant elements:

  1. Contract Platform SMARTRealty - Platform contract which has a template engine that facilitates contract makers to create a relevant contract, which suits the needs of the transaction and does not violate the original law for its jurisdiction.
  2. The SMARTRealty itemizing systems – The SMARTRealty itemizing systems will enable belongings house proprietors to checklist their homes for employ or for sale, and can distribute those listings to many different customary actual property sale and apartment websites all throughout the web.
  3. RLTY Tokens – RLTY Tokens are the official SMARTRealty token for use with SMARTRealty sensible contracts. Payments might be made with any main forex (crypto and fiat), but might be automatically converted to RLTY tokens so bills are nicely recorded and tracked.


A simple example of how SMARTRealty's smart contract will be used.
Two Parties agree on Using SMARTRealty to invest

It's possible to buy and sell a property work, or in an easy condo agreement. the two parties use the SMARTRealty platform to consolidate the phrase in their agreement in SMARTRealty's smart contract, which consists of terms and conditions agreed by two parties, adds the due date date, the amount to be paid, the size of the agreement, the penalty for compliance, etc..

SMARTRealty Contracts Set Relationships between Parties
Pay along with invoices using ETH, BTC, LTC, USD, EUR, or using other currencies, which will automatically be converted to RLTY tokens and used for SMARTRealty contracts. Payments are also made quickly using the RLTY token, if preferred. Such contracts may even be pre-programmed to serve automatic notification in the event of an offense, or to terminate after expiration, or to be inconsistent with the contract concluded. or required by way of original law.

Contract SMARTRealty Executes Deal and closed
After the last payment or no variable is agreed, the contract will be executed, and after expiration, the transaction is completed. After expiration, any important submissions will be made or, if the condo agreement, the lease will be terminated and the security deposit refunded in accordance with the terms of the agreement. The contract can even be set to renew automatically, if necessary, or new phrases will be negotiated and new contracts executed, if the event agrees.

  • Blockchain technology streamlines the real property ecosystem in ways that enable us to share our guidelines and money properly and efficiently. this makes the news more accessible, cutting off intermediaries and reducing the threat of fraud and theft. Work more safely, quickly, and reliably to shop and promote good assets for everyone involved.
  • Matthew Murphy, A Global Vice President at Renren, invests and builds companies in the Real Estate and Fintech sectors.


Initial Token Sales is an opportunity where the service provider trades all or in terms of quantity
token-based blockchain for special cryptocurrency so as to raise funds. The Token Holder is
incentives by way of a loyalty award established largely on the number of tokens owned. Potency
increases in token value, because of its usefulness for a variety of custom applications, as well
use incentives for participants.
We trust that token gross income are the destiny of crowd sales. This token sale also represents the perfect chance to ask people, exceptionally from the international of blockchain and
cryptocurrencies, into the SMARTRealty network and allow them to take facet in our
success tale by contributing to all sides of the project, from product trend to
marketing to strategic partnerships.
The SMARTRealty token is referred to as RLTY. Our pre-sale interval is ongoing now, and the official
public token sale starts on February 15th, 2018 and can final for 90 days. Anyone participating
in the pre-sale is entitled to a bonus of as much as 50%.
There are 500,000,000 RLTY tokens. 20% of these tokens are allocated for the pre-sale, and
20% are allocated for the real ICO period. The whole RLTY token allocation is as follows:

Any tokens allocated for the pre-sale or ICO interval that cross unsold might be destroyed.





The IAME Identification Network is a Decentralised Identification System objective constructed for the Blockchain Ecosystem.
IAME depends on its proprietary fragmented identification algorithm whereby id files are fragmented into hundreds of unintelligible pieces, and the validation activity is crowdsourced to hundred of hundreds of people. With IAME, rate of identification is lowered to a fraction and fallout from safety breaches are lowered to nothing.

The IAM Token

In order for the IAME Identification Network to work, we can issue a functional token, because IAM
Token, which might function as a validation token to begin confirmation requests for validation
packets at the IAME Identification Network. Parties might spend the token by the IAME
Identification Network shopper and after deduction of an identical blockchain hashing costs, the
balance of IAM token might be paid out as present to third-party validators who function the
validation processes on a for-profit basis.
This might attribute no longer a shop of price to the token but a market price primarily founded on natural
demand and offer for id processes. The price of the IAM Token might be, in
essence, located by 2 factors:
  • The expense of validation, which might be proportional to the monetary expense ofhashing the asked quantity of information at the certain blockchain, putting aprice ground for the token
  • Market demand, which might be proportional to the call for for blockchainidentification primarily founded at the IAME Identification NetworkBecause of the the ephemeral facet of information validation within the subject of identification, marketdemand might stay ordinary and might simply boom with an larger adoption of theIAME Identification Network.

The IAME manner – decentralised fragmented identification

Decentralised fragmented identification is very nearly a technique that reinvents the complete identification process. By transferring the identification course of from wholly to fragmented systems,  transactional events can now validate their blockchain tackle with out having to belief the different transactional events with their non-essential touchy information.

With DFI, the guide shared in those transactions is rendered worthless, in view that it's first fragmented after which distributed amongst a collection of independent third-parties, who usually aren't affiliated to any events working as members of the transaction. This community of third-party validators are assigned the course of of confirming and verifying the validity of every of those fractured items of private data, which via way of themselves are lifeless to malicious parties. The compilation of those fragments might constitute a legitimate identification to the transactional counterparty, thereby verifying the identification of initiating party. Given this course of of fragmentation and validation via way of third-parties, the complete desire for transactional events having to course of or shop non-essential news might be eradicated.

Given the desire for a non-invasive identification gadget for decentralised blockchain technology, the IAME Identification Network’s utilisation of decentralised fragmented identification technology can be the bridge that hyperlinks blockchain technology to the regulated world.


A group of normally fantastic fellows who're inquisitive by means of means of nature and at all times try toward excellence with the purpose of delivering the greatest seemingly effect to the maximum standards.

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